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New Tennant

posted by Kayteejane | 2 years ago
I'm a new Tennant with a pay as you go meter. I phoned registered with the company. And was told that the previous tenants debt would be cleared. And that all I had to do was go the a shop that does pay point. Give them a code and they will give me a new key. I did this came back popped it in the reader. Went back to the shop to put credit on as advised when I phoned. For the debt not to be cleared and now I've just paid their 50 pounds debt. Leaving me with less than a fiver for the electric. Also cant seem to get a gas card from any shop around me as they dont have any. So I cant get gas. I cant afford to have no electricity and now I've had to clear the debt of the previous tennat as it's not done it. Can anyone explain what I'm suppose to do and if I did anything wrong?
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posted by amrik | 3 days ago
Re: New Tennant

When my tennants moved out they had installed a smart metre at the premises without my permission and by the time i tried to put the account into my name,tried ringing hanging on the phone for upto 90 minutes at a time and after a few tries managed to talk to someone half way through got cut off.contacted them on several times via email but no reply.the previous tennants left a debt of £177  which they are taking of me through there pay as you go metre every week they take approx 10 to 12 pounds because i cannot talk to them i cannot do anything.given them last chance to sort the problem i have then its off to the Energy Ombudsmen to sort out.Once name change is done i will move as Scotish power is the worst for customer services.