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New account, absolute nightmare/disaster, no idea what to do

posted by ChesnutPancakes | 3 years ago

I was considering trying to phone in with this instead but decided to see if I could get help or direction with it here first, because to try and explain this to someone on the phone I think could easily go wrong, and as I get into im sure you'll see why.

On the 21st of December I and my partner moved into a new build property and were advised by the landlord that scottishpower where the energy providers for gas and electricity for the building, and to get in touch to set up payments and such. The landlord provided all the serial and meter point numbers, and we checked and confirmed the physical meters to confirm there correctness.

It is worth noting at this point that I tried to do the "complete your  move" thing online, problem was the address was too new so couldn't be found by your website.

So I sent an email with the address and a short message about setting up an account and got a response back advising the address couldn't be found (honestly not surprised, the building was at this point like a month or so old), and to provide serial and meter point numbers in order to set up an account. I reply with all the numbers for both gas and electricity meters, but receive no response for 11 or so days, so I get in touch again because monies are involved it really needs to be sorted (I obviously don't want a fine or large bill because it wasn't sorted in a timely manner). I receive a response (from a different individual) saying no account is set up, and that I will need to provide again the move in date, and also the meter readings at the time of the move in. I provide this and get a reply back, saying that one of the meters numbers are registered at a different address, and also once again that our address isn't in the database. The email also provides an account number (this is not important now, but will be later on). I am at this stage also unable to log in to my account, saying something like its not set up fully yet, try again later.

I respond back, once again providing the address, fully understanding that it is likely just an issue with the building having been so new, and once again I hear nothing back or anything for another 5 days until so I email again asking for an update. I get a response back, apologising for inconvenience caused, basically saying to just sit tight and wait, as address in the royal mail database can take some time to come through or something. This email also quotes the same account number as above. Once again this is the last I hear for around 10 or so days, until my partner mentions that we had a letter in the post about setting things up from yourselves, so I think to myself, "Great, can finally get this sorted", so I drop a quick reply to the last thing I received from scottishpower to try and get the ball moving again. 

Problem one. I get a reply back, and the first line quotes my account number. However, this is now different to the previous account number from prior emails. Problem two, the response mentions the address has been updated and added. It is incorrect, not just a little either, its 110 miles away wrong. I reply saying as such and get a reply back saying it will take 29 days to sort. At this point I remember the online account so try to login to see if its working and it actually is, not that this helped alleviate my stress any. The supply address on the account is different from the one above, and different from my actual address, and also appears to only be set up to pay for electricity, even though I said originally it was for both electric and gas. 

So to recap, I have been given two accounts numbers, have two wrong addresses listed on your system, incorrect energy tariff or whatever you'd call it and am just at a complete loss. I truly have no idea what to do or how to fix this.


posted by frenchierescue | 2 years ago
Re: New account, absolute nightmare/disaster, no idea what to do

I've been having a disaster of a time too since exchanging a prepayment meter for a standard one last September. I was awakened at stupid o'clock this morning with an email telling me to call an 0800 number if I wanted to speak to my complaints person. It was signed by my 'dedicated complaint handler Reksanna. Another hour and a half of wasted time:

Dear Reksanna,
Thank you so very much for your kind email. Having waited since September of last year to resolve this issue, it was certainly worth being woken at 05.06 to receive it! I like nothing better than being up with the larks, especially when you assured me not to hesitate to get in touch with you if I wanted to speak to you for additional information.
Imagine my surprise when in doing exactly as you suggested I discovered that the truth was you really didn't want to speak to me at all! Reksanna! You hurt my feelings!
I'd be delighted to learn how I could possibly have spoken to you without benefit of an actual miracle as I've now been informed that your phone is incapable of receiving incoming calls!
Having spent well over an hour being subjected to the worst 'music' and continuous reassurances my poor bleeding eardrums have ever had the misfortune to suffer whilst queuing for the privilege of actually speaking to a human being, because well, let's face it..... I have no life... I'm sure you'll understand my sheer frustration in discovering that not only was I lied to, (absolutely no other way of putting it) regarding being able to talk to you in another desperate effort to rectify this matter, but because this complaint had now been "escalated", there was no one else who had any authority to help me in the entire multimillion pound company that is Scottish Power.
As I have been unsuccessfully attempting to organise a payment agreement since the prepayment meter was removed and a standard meter installed on 26th. September last year, I can only assume, therefore, that your wonderful company has chosen ME, above all others, to use your electricity free gratis. Would you be kind enough to let me know the name of the person to whom I can send my Thank You card?
I'm informed that I missed your call 09.36 on Monday 4th. March. I must remember to get in touch with Tesco to complain that my mobile phone is being very naughty. It seems that although it has previously been excellent at informing me of any missed call, it decided to withhold that information from me on this one and only occasion. I also have no explanation as to why I would have missed the call in any case, as I was sitting waiting for precisely that.....
Anyway, I'm sure that your time is clearly much more precious than mine, so I'll let you get on with your busy day.
I'll just end by saying that 'Laura' yet another customer service advisor again assures me on behalf of Scottish Power that your complaints team will be in touch with me within yet another five working days. As I explained to her, if this matter cannot be solved once I speak to someone who is capable of doing exactly that at this time, my only recourse will be either to book that bucket list all expenses trip to Vegas with the money I've saved or involve the ombudsman in a desperate attempt to get this mess settled once and for all.
A very disillusioned, dissatisfied and disappointed

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: New account, absolute nightmare/disaster, no idea what to do
Oh dear. You should send in a meter reading, this will generate a bill which you can pay and all will be well. I gather your problem is not setting a direct debit, pay your first bill which will establish you as a DD worthy customer (I think). Good luck.

posted by Mark271057 | 9 months ago
Re: New account, absolute nightmare/disaster, no idea what to do
New account looking to get help from scotihhpowre .none so far .will give one week

posted by newhomenewstart | A month ago
cant seem to set up my gas and electrical account [not sure what am ment to do]

i have moved into my new 2 bedhouse with my 5 year old girl the house is owend by onwoud and am renting through the council,i moved into the proprtey on the 17th of april 2021. with it being a private build owned by onword the gas and electric was already  turned on from around 26/02/21 [could be earley not qwit sure] but there is still a bill on the hand held digital box but it dose show that there is credit on there the sum of £18.59 from the bilders.                                                           me and my 5 year old  daughter only moved into are new home on the 17th of april and i still havent bin abul to set up or even activated the gas,electricity with scottish power, i dont no how and i have bin trying on line and over the phone but keeped getting sent all over the place and still it was always the wrong departments.                                                                                    with this being my first ever home i realy dont no what am doing.                                                                                                                         with the hole all deal of this its triggered of my mental health and my anxiety through the roof my mental health team have asked me to go for more meetings because of this its just to much for me to cope with am not even sure were to get the readings up from.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  i would realy apperciate it if someone scottish power get intoch with me inregaeds to my gas and electricity please i would also want to set up a direct debit for the 22nd of evey month through my bank account.                                                                            so would very much appreciate if someone from scottish power could contact me please.                                                                      kind regards victoria                                                                                                                                                                                                                        contac number... 07395352661                                                                                                                                                                                               my addresss is,....     33, Evergreen drive, Sycamore Gardens, Great sutton,Ellesmere port   CH66 2WT

posted by Deb_lord | 2 weeks ago
Re: New account, absolute nightmare/disaster, no idea what to do
Hi we moved into our new build property in January 2020 , tried to get our gas & electricity account up and running so we could no exactly what we would be paying each month. When we rang scottish power up, our address wasn't on there system yet or they couldn't find us , they said to give it a little while longer as it will take a little longer for the new address to be on the royal mail data base , so I left a couple of more weeks and rang scottishnpower back , guess what still no further forward, we have been passed from.pillar to post still to this day have not yet got it sorted out 17 month later absolutely disgusting our stress levels have been through the roof .

posted by YESR31XJ | 2 weeks ago
Re: New account, absolute nightmare/disaster, no idea what to do

posted by YESR31XJ | 2 weeks ago
Re: New account, absolute nightmare/disaster, no idea what to do
This firm is a joke as this image confirms!