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New house has pre payment meter....help!

posted by MrsMO | 9 months ago

We have just moved in to our new house and discovered it has a pre payment meter, which we don't want  I have phoned scottish power to change it to a credit meter and they say that I can only change to credit if I have a smart meter installed and apparently the area in which I live does not allow for smart meters and so I have to stay on the pre pay meter.  The pre payment meter is extremeley expensive and so I really need to get rid of it, but the customer service person just hung up on me when I questioned their response that they can't do anything.  Can anyone help please?

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posted by DavC1 | 9 months ago
Re: New house has pre payment meter....help!

@MrsMO    Are you in a country area with no mobile phone signal?  If you are in a town you should be able to have a smart meter.   Try switching supplier to a sensible one like British Gas or Octopus.   SP can't be bothered if you are not in one of their traditional areas. Shocking attitude.