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Night meter no longer required.

posted by ajg007 | A month ago

I'm a council tennant and before i moved in to this flat the old storage heaters were removed and new energy efficeint heating system was installed.  When i moved in, the representative from the heating installers came and and instructed me on the operation etc, and advised me that the night meter is no longer required and is no longer even connected and does not change anymore.  They also advised i would be able to shop around for a better tarrif. 

  • My problems are that i can't give meter readings as the night meter no longer changes (not a fault! by design)
  • Council won't help as they can't change the meter
  • I can't move power company as I will have the same problem - as my flats been  'branded' with a night meter!
  • Scottish power have stated that I can't move to direct debit unless i change to the deaer standrard tarrif!  My issue with this is that i'll be paying more and still have all the same problems for my effort - Win win for scottish power, lose for me!

The solution to all this is for the power company to change the meter but they won't!


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Night meter no longer required.

@ajg007    Speak to SP, say your night rate meter is disconnected and ask for a single rate tariff.  Ask to pay by direct debit. Once you are on a single rate tariff you can then shop around the market for a different supplier. Don't worry about being put on the variable basic tariff, government price caps now mean these accounts are quite competitive compared with fixed rate tariffs.   Good luck. 


posted by ajg007 | A month ago
Re: Night meter no longer required.
Hi, what happens when I get a single rate, will that negate the need to provide the night meter reading?