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Night rate not moving

posted by RichT | 3 years ago


Can anyone advise?

I moved into my house some time ago, in that time the night rate on my meter hasn't changed. I definitely use power at night. I told Scottish Power and my previous electricity provider of this, but they still dropped me on an Economy 7 tariff.

What would you do?

All the best,




Top answer

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Night rate not moving

If you have night storage heaters ask a local electrician to advise you. If you don’t use night storage it will be cheaper for you to be on a standard tariff and you could ignore the night meter and ask to be on a standard single rate tariff. 

posted by omendata | 3 years ago
Re: Night rate not moving

Terrible customer service, Socttish Power are truly the worst of any I have encountered in 40 years of working in IT industry!

Night rate is your electricity used during the day that you use at night not the storage heaters so it should be moving, either you meter is faulty or it is not wired correctly.

There should be another reading called CONTROL - That is your storage heaters!

If customer services cant get it right what chance have you.

I just tried to move tariff and had worked out all the tariffs by hand on an excel spreadsheet - phoned up and they actually gave me a more expensive tariff than i am already on - if they are doing this with everyone then its disgraceful as most folks wont have the savvy to take the night day and control rates , stick em in a spreadsheet to do the comparison on monthly costs. Then I was told I cannot have the cheaper Tariff they advertise on the website and that I had calculated would be slightly cheaper because it involves dricet debit and some other nonsense about not being able to do it!

Utterly useless company!



posted by melsere | 3 years ago
Re: Night rate not moving
I have to take two readings yet my bill has only ONE price per Kw. Anyone know why?

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Night rate not moving

Hi Melsere, it looks as if you are on a single rate tariff.  If you have and use storage heaters you should be on an economy 7 tariff. Has it just changed from two readings to one reading? or has it always been like that?

posted by mfsmith | 3 years ago
Re: Night rate not moving
What are the hours of night tariff

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Night rate not moving

Hi mfs It turns out there is no simple answer see this link from a previous discussion 

To answer your original question, the times very much vary by the area you are in which is why you may have been struggling to find a definitive answer. This page here: https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/energy-efficiency/energy-efficiency-toolkit/electric-heating/ has a table down the bottom (expand the "...what time does my off-peak rate switch on? option) where you will be able to see the times for your area. Let me know if this helps. 

posted by omendata | 3 years ago
Re: Night rate not moving

Its usually between 11:30pm and 7:30am

You can tell by looking at your meter - when the night rate is on the little red light should be flashing in the bottom right hand corner - all depends on your meter though , if its an ancient one it might not have it!

You need to be more specific when you answer technical questions - ie give us the make and model number of the meter and if its digital or analogue readings!

Or better still take a photo and post it!