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No Email, No Complaints process

posted by SP_are_crap | 3 weeks ago

Is it just me, or is Scottish Power the **bleep**ties company on the planet.

Website has failed again - claims I have no invoices to review even though I've been a customer for 2 years (don't know why but they are sometime the cheapest).

No email address visable on the website - although using an old one usually results in a 'reply' claiming the email was empty or the question wasn't understood.  Why they lie so much I don't know given that the content of the email is shown in the 'messages' section of their website - is that the policy of the CEO - get your staff to lie all the time.

No online support - just a 'Community' of equally pissed of customers ...

Perhaps if we all posted here daily just how **bleep** it was may be they'ed get the message!!


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posted by SP_are_crap | 3 weeks ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process

Haha - just read my own message and it appears the s-h-one-t's have all been replaced.

Oh boy am I going to have fun getting round that one Smiley Happy

posted by omendata | 2 weeks ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process

I used to work for them twice - once as a contract service engineer and the second time at their call centre in Cathcart doing the Novell Netware migration when the Spanish iberjoker took over and it was a disaster - ten years on the IT systems are still not working

Scottish power ARE the worst compnay in the UK for customer service and are as you say just plain and utter piny and trap! And they are not Scottish they are wholly owned by Iberdrola a Spanish company a complete disaster of a takeover that still is not working.

See there you go i got round the political correctness and sweary filter!

posted by Tops | 2 weeks ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process

As a one time engineer of theirs, are you able to throw any light on why they keep cancelling meter chane appointments? This has happened three times now. Seriously fed up

posted by Davc | 2 weeks ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process
@Tops. The problem is the contractors SP use. They seem to regard appointments as maybe-possible and do not contact customers if they cannot turn up. Very poor but SP don’t have their own fitters and there is a limited choice of National fitting agencies.

posted by omendata | A week ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process

Scottish Power arent the same as wehn i worked for them before the Spanish Iberdrola took over.

They try and save money and maximise profits by using cojntractors now.

Its actually ajoke - you phone them up with a fault and one compan SP Energy  is used to send someone out to check the fault (and no the SP is not Scottish Power owned its a fudge to make customers think it is) then another company comes to fix it and as the above person has said ALL appointments are on a "maybe" basis that is why they cannot even give you a timeframe as they have so few engineers - the ones i spoke to say they are paid such low wages there isnt incentive to stay so the turnover of contract staff is massive - most of them want to do private work which pays 4 times what Iberdrola pay and thats from the engineers who came to install my new E7 meter!


posted by Tops | A week ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process
Thanks. I've voted with my feet and moved to another supplier.

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process
@omendata. SP Energy Network is a separate company, they look after hardware wiring up to the house for all the energy providers in the area, eg for EDF. BritGas, EON etc. It is like the difference between B Telecom and Openreach, or Virgin Trains and Network Rail. All things like telecoms water fuel and transport are separated like that.
SPEnergy seem to have better customer relations than SP. I agree SP contractors are dodgy and your explanation of high turnover and low wages makes sense. I am thinking of getting smart meters from BG because they employ their own fitters.

posted by LindaB | 5 days ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process
Like this customer, I could find No email or CHAT line from my laptop. I am DEAF (not debt) I wish to complain about my tariff. Please someone help me .
Account number 8409 1027 020

posted by Davc | 5 days ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process

@LindaB   On your laptop look at the bottom of an SP webpage, you will see a link for Complaints  Click it and a Chat window will open up.  You can also send emails to contactus@scottishpower.com, but these normally go to the Indian call centre and unless the problem is easy to solve they are often unable to help.

SP do not monitor this Community and we customers cannot do anything with your account number which you quoted.

If you are not happy with your tariff you can change online to a different SP tariff without paying a penalty.