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posted by sarahb | A year ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process

Really hacked off with Scottish Power. This is the worst company i have ever dealt with. I switched after receiving a call from them saying there wasa special tariff available ( this was a LIE) in fact i am being charged 4 times more than the amount offered. In July I complained but no-one logged it. In August I complained but no response. In September after phoning them several times Dan Shea in complaints said he had listened to the sales call and agreed i had been misled and mis-sold. He agreed to sort it (a LIE) but with out my knowledge or agreement he changed the start metre reading and sent it to my prevoius supplier. who then rebilled me a final bill (which i'd already paid) and then hounded me with threats of legal action. Scottish power said on 8 occasions (LIED) that they would correct this and let Eon know. They DID NOT. I have phoned countless times and been lied to and given false information. I asked for a copy of my original call back in september last year and was told it had been sent to me (A LIE). Yesterday, during  a 2.30 hour phone call subject access stuff that i had been told was sent in January started popping into my previously empty inbox (WEIRD) but still no copies of any calls. It is difficult to navigate a complaint when I have been promised call backs countless times and recieved none, when one operative gives information and the next says thats untrue, when operatives refuse to tell me how to proceed with my complaint, refuse to let me speak to a manager,when i am pushed from department to department , when a legal timeframe (30  DAYS) for subject access is ignored over and over by Scottish Power. The ombudsman says i need the info and scottish power are preventing me from having it. There is a culture of fobbing off in this company, lies are part and parcel of dealing with issues by almost every operative. I have reams of notes from every call i've made to this useless company, hours of my time on the phone and I am still no further forward 6 months after my initial complaint. 

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process

@sarahb   Very bad service, thanks for sharing.  Your original complaint about tariff cost is easily solved, Switch. Good luck with the Subject Access, you are entitled to your data, but I doubt the poor IT system can even search for it efficiently. 

posted by petmar14 | 12 months ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process
i have entered meter readings but no rerply from scottish power?have you lost my details?

posted by omendata | 12 months ago
Re: No Email, No Complaints process

Switch to Bulb i was with Scottish Power for far too long - even switching took over 6 months.

I see Martin on his tv programme last night is going to stick the boot in to Scottish Power.

Unfortunately i think it needs more than a boot and more nuclear detonation to sort out the terrible customer service and even worse management since Iberdrola took over 15 years ago - 15 Years and you would think they would have sorted out the mismanaged IT dept and terrible management not to mention the confused customer services but no they have removed management escalation and are relying on a chat system that doesnt work and emails answered by a call centre in India who dont understand proper Engleesh meester - could not get any worse really!