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No replacement meter

posted by Ralphy74 | 2 years ago

My in house smart meter display, the one that tells you what your using etc, has not worked properly since it was installed which was about 2 years ago!! I have tried resetting and all that but just comes up with random numbers, so i finally got round to phoning Scottish Power, it turns out they dont repair or replace them, so basically it was a complete waste of time and money having it all changed over...


posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: No replacement meter

@Ralphy74   Hi Your problem is very common, a lot of people turn off the displays and put them away. The main benefit of the smart meter is to send in readings automatically. SP and other energy companies have had a lot of problems with the displays and have issued many upgrades to make them work correctly, maybe one day they will be successful. 

posted by skelton35 | 2 years ago
Re: No replacement meter

Yeah, like you I thought that a Smart Meter would help me reduce consumption and save money. An old style meter was fitted at the end of March (despite the Government saying providers had to fit the latest version). The IHD has now failed, did all the re-set actions etc recommended on various sites but to no avail. Contacted SP's support center who frankly are not interested. They said they are not replacing non-working IHD's at the moment. So much for our Government's attempts to save the Planet - ruined by poor delivery from the power suppliers.

posted by pandapoping | A year ago
Re: No replacement meter

i was never even sent an in house display unit and i've been asking for it since october 2018 and my first month charged me over £330 for electricity and still no credit either Smiley Frustrated