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No smart meter signal, stuck with prepayment meter

posted by MrT1981 | A year ago

We moved into a new property in Feb that had a prepayment meter with Scottish Power. After months of cancelled and rescheduled appointments I've just had an engineer round to install a smart meter instead of our prepayment meter as our area is apparently eligible, however he's had to put the old meter back in because the smart meter couldn't get a signal. This leaves us stuck with paying more for our electricity on a prepayment meter rather than being on a direct debit tariff because I've now been told Scottish Power don't have any old meters to install, and won't install a smart meter in "dumb" mode.

Basically I've been told that we have to wait for the signal to improve, but no one can tell me when that might be because our area is apparently already covered (for reference, we are quite rural but have excellent mobile coverage). The only suggestion I was given was to keep booking smart meter installations until one of them "takes", which is just a waste of everyone's time. I'm not even that fussed about having a smart meter, I just want to get rid of this prepayment one. Any suggestions?


posted by seanfmeenan | A year ago
Re: No smart meter signal, stuck with prepayment meter

Hi my pay as you go meter is saying off and i am getting no gas supply, any suggestions please ?


posted by DavC1 | A year ago
Re: No smart meter signal, stuck with prepayment meter

@MrT1981 @seanfmeenan     Mr T,  change supplier, British Gas are very good at installing smart meters.   Sean, speak to customer services 0800 027 0072.