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Online Account

posted by SylHogarth | 2 years ago

Why would by bill look like the attached picture, 2 x bills for January?


posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: Online Account

@SylHogarth Not really enough information to know for sure - like you don't say how often you get a bill or how often you read and submit actual meter readings. I would guess - and sorry, it is a guess - there are a number of factors which have combined for this to transpire...

It's possible the first estimated bill has been issued because a scheduled meter reading has been missed. This always happens when actuals are not received on SP's schedule. The value of the estimated bill has been drawn from your previous bill, because that one was from 'actuals' and it's still winter, so will be based at the same rate of usage. Then perhaps the system has seen your Annual Review is due in February - Is it? - calculated a year-end bill to get the correct number of billings in for the year and generated another, at almost the same time as the first. The fact there are no readings to base the final bill of the year on would make it an estimate, and the fact Feb is still winter would value it at about the same level as the other winter bills. Maybe...

If you submit actual readings, and they're significantly lower than the estimated ones of the latest one you got, you should get a bill correction and a re-calculation of your SP account balance.

posted by shazzy | A year ago
Re: Online Account

i cant get into my account keep getting something went wrong

posted by Jc | A year ago
Re: Online Account
I'm getting a similar message both on the app and the website...unable to provide the meter readings that have been requested...Very frustrating,!

posted by chris22 | A year ago
Re: Online Account
Shazzy contact scottish power on the live support chat they will reset the account so you can re register this is what happened to me but its all sorted now Smiley Happy