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Online Direct Debit Manager

posted by Jonnel | 3 years ago

The Direct Debit Manager I can access from my online account has changed back to the program/system Scottish Power used to use for ages, from the one they installed a few weeks back - the one that wanted high one-off payments before you could reduce your direct debit.

I'm interested... has everyone else's changed back, or not... or did yours never change in the first place ?

... could be important...


posted by whiteowl | 3 years ago
Re: Online Direct Debit Manager

As of today mine has not changed to the old one. I did mention in a another thread that  they were still trying to up my DD.I will see again today as my DD will go in today and that will put me in credit again. I hope it lets me manage my DD as it says in the video. I want to be in control of my payments.

posted by carolinecarrol | A year ago
Re: Online Direct Debit Manager

why are my bills so high. i wasonly paying £100 with FEP. I changed to Scottish Power because I was told it would be a lower tarrif . I have not used a lot used a lot of gas because the weather has not been too cold.When does my agreement with Scottish Power end ? 


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Online Direct Debit Manager

@carolinecarrol    The only way to check your tariff is to look at the cost in pence/kWh and compare it with what your old tariff was.  Direct debits vary a lot from winter to summer and depend on short term kWh use.  They do not really tell you if your deal is better or worse than the previous deal. 

Nobody on the community knows what tariff you are on or when it will come to an end. If your bills say something like June 20 it means the deal expires on 30 June this year and you can leave without penalty in the middle of May.