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Online Direct Debit Manager

posted by Jonnel | A year ago

The Direct Debit Manager I can access from my online account has changed back to the program/system Scottish Power used to use for ages, from the one they installed a few weeks back - the one that wanted high one-off payments before you could reduce your direct debit.

I'm interested... has everyone else's changed back, or not... or did yours never change in the first place ?

... could be important...

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posted by whiteowl | A year ago
Re: Online Direct Debit Manager

As of today mine has not changed to the old one. I did mention in a another thread that  they were still trying to up my DD.I will see again today as my DD will go in today and that will put me in credit again. I hope it lets me manage my DD as it says in the video. I want to be in control of my payments.