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posted by robuflorentina | 10 months ago
Re: Online account login problems
The same thing to me: from 1 mounth I call them and try to fix the problem with my online account because I can't login .
I call them a lot of times and they don't do nofthing.
Next what I will do is to change the Scotish Power ,I'm very disappointed!😠

posted by scotty2124 | 10 months ago
Re: Online account login problems
Call waiting time

goes without saying that it’s been a particularly challenging year for everyone. When the first COVID-19 restrictions came into play, one of our biggest priorities was to get our party up and running safely and quickly to help ore staff who needed our support. Thanks to the hard work of office partys are us employees, we were able to do the hokey cokey- the river dance and lazy lazy song we’ve continued to deliver the best possible spunge cake experience for our custerner service advisors , our quick response times have neglected a review carried out by Which? Magazine.

Throughout Septober and Octember, Which? set out to discover how totally useless scotish power realy are UK energy suppliers kept their customers on hold. Their investigation involved getting in touch with over 30 energy companies, with each supplier contacted 12 times on different days and times to find out the average time customers were kept waiting.

We’re pleased that ScottishPower’s quick responses were recognised, with Which? waiting an average of just 2 years and 28 days that's an excellent improvement since the corded phone was invented unfortunately we are still useing are pigeons tho thay are self isolating at the office party due to covid 19 and the ban on flying are card transactions continue as normal we will take wot we wont wen we won't so no need to worry there good luck and stay safe best regards.. Scotish power@planet zorg .org
THAY MAKE MY S. H. I. T itch thay should be struck off thay been steeling from there custerners and no one bat's an eyelid do thy have the government In their pocket too

posted by scotty2124 | 10 months ago
Re: Online account login problems
What I do to log in is go to refer a friend then it let's you in top rite my account...... But for god sake don't refer anyone unless u hate them

posted by Yukilam | 9 months ago
Re: Online account login problems

I can't login to my account and the system said will send me reset password link but never receive. 

Try to call customer services, but never reach even the phone on for more than 2 hours, Crazy, how awful it is.

posted by Stan53 | 9 months ago
Re: Online account login problems

Same problems for me.  Im a new account holder and have registered and set up my account but when I went to log in again it doesnt recognise my password.  Any attempt to change the password using the 'Forgot your password' link is futile and no link is ever sent to my email inbox and I ve even checked the junk folder. 

I have used the Customer service contact email and tried telephoning but was on hold for an hour.  

I wish I'd never changed to Scottish Power. 

posted by Hestrul2 | 9 months ago
Re: Online account login problems
I’m having the same problem , I’ve had a response from “customer services” saying they would send me a temporary password .... they haven’t! They have sent me a survey asking me to rate my experience ! It’s a joke , but not at all funny .

posted by michellewhybrow | 8 months ago
Re: Online account login problems

I cannot login to my account, from the link and new passwords you have just sent.

This is the first time loging in 



posted by Payne | 6 months ago
Re: Online account login problems
Forgot my password

posted by DavC1 | 6 months ago
Re: Online account login problems

@Payne   We can't help you in this forum, tell customer services 0800 027 0072

posted by Hestrul2 | 5 months ago
Re: Online account login problems
Started having problems with Scottish power when I tried to contact them to find out why they were raising my monthly direct debit from £95 to £154 . ........ couldn’t log on ....... couldn’t get through to customer services . Changed to Octopus energy 4 months ago , now paid 4 monthly instalments of £ 84 and am now £146 in credit with them . Scottish power should be ashamed ! Better still closed down .