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Online and bank payments

posted by karenf | 4 months ago


I input meter readings yesterday online. 

I also called to query the last estimated bill yesterday.

I made a bank payment online to you yesterday for the actual bill generated from the meter readings. 

Why is my account showing my account in debit when i have paid you yesterday?

thank you for help. 



Top answer

posted by Jonnel | 4 months ago
Re: Online and bank payments

@karenf Scottish Power don't monitor this forum anymore, it's purely for customers to help each other out where they can.

I would say if you only paid Monday, it's unlikely the transaction would have cleared through the various banks so soon, even directly to SP online. In my experience it can take 3 working days, so you might have to give it a little bit longer. The fact your SP account is in debit won't incur any penalties, it's not like a high street bank account or anything. SP can be pretty slow when it comes to getting an account updated from estimates to actuals, so I would first check your own bank to make sure the debit has been made, then give it a week to see if your SP account updates. Give them a ring if your account is still not right then. Give it a bit longer than that even, before expecting to see an updated bill.

posted by karenf | 4 months ago
Re: Online and bank payments
Thank you Jonnel.
Typical. i thought they had this section to help customers. their online chat never seems to function either.
Yes the money has gone to S.P. from my account .
I will wait a few days and then phone them. If they mess me about again, its gonna be court action. i am tired of enduring their criminal behavior.