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Out of hours "emergency". How so I get through to someone?

posted by Matt1 | A month ago

I moved into my current house in July (rented) and switched to Scottish Power from EDF.  With the autumnal drop in temperature it was time to put the heating on.  We have night storage heaters so I switched them on and awaited the economy 7 hours to kick in and do their thing.  Nothing happened, so the following night I set an early alarm and pressed the 'test' on the fuse board during eco 7 and it didn't trip.  I'm no expert but I presumed that meant nothing was coming through said board.

I called Scottish Power but they wouldn't do anything until an electrician confirmed it was a meter issue. My landlord got his electrician to have a look and he said it did look like a meter issue and a 'heating contactor' had been fitted to the meter since he last looked at it.

I called customer support and gave them an update, sat on hold for nearly an hour whilst the chap on the phone filled out forms and made calls to engineers etc and then said "Okay someone will be with you in 3-4 hours".... I had to tell him I was at work so would never make it home in time. He went on to tell me that if I make a call then it has to be resolved there and then and I'd need to call back at a time when I know I'll be at home for at least the next 3-4 hours. Easier said than done at the moment!  I work full-time and will be going away next week on holiday. I do, however, have my brother staying here to look after the cat.

Fast forward to Friday and I get a courtesy call from Scottish Power to ask if someone had been out to resolve my issue. I explained the story above and she seemed confused that I had been left in such a situation. She went on to tell me that I should call back on Sunday (the only day I am realistically going to be home all day for the next week or so) and use the emergency number which is easily found online.  Any number I have managed to find is, apparently, not for use in my area or for pure power cuts. The Scottish Power customer service number leads you to call 105 which I did, but the lady I spoke to said this isn't something they can deal with.

So my question here is can I actually get this resolved on a Sunday or was i mislead?

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posted by DavC1 | A month ago
Re: Out of hours "emergency". How so I get through to someone?

@Matt1   SP customer service is closed on Sundays but their engineers probably do work, but you need the right phone number to contact them. Phone number 105 goes to SP energy networks who look after the supply grid in your area, their main responsibility is the hardware of lines which supply properties ( not meters and internal property problems)   Sorry we can't help more from here, I think you are facing a problem if you cannot be at home to allow engineers access, hopefully customer services can help on Monday. At least you have power, but no connection to the storage heaters. Temporarily you could use portable electric fires.