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Outstanding debt of £330.10 on pay as you go

posted by GR30 | A year ago

Hello all,

I have recently moved house and changed energy supplier and got my final letter in from SP saying that I have the aforementioned bill still to pay for my electricity (Gas is in £25 credit).


This had occured nearly 3 years ago where they sent me a similar bill. As it turns out it was from a previous tennant who racked up a bill. I then had to get my landlord at the time to call them (with my permission) and enquire about this. From what I remember is that a code had to be sent out for the new tennant, which didn't happen, and that I had to just go to my local shop with the key and it would register. All done.


Fastforward to now and I get a letter in from SP to my new address saying that I have a bill of £330.10 still to pay for my electricity. I imagine that the previous tennant might have had a direct debit set up with them because I don't understand how I can rack up a bill on a pay as you go tariff.


I'm just waiting on a callback from SP and was just wanting to know if something similar has happened to anyone else, and if so how it got resolved.


Thank you for reading.


posted by DaveD | A year ago
Re: Outstanding debt of £330.10 on pay as you go
Hmm..I assume it's still a pay as you go meter then being able to build a debt of that is somewhat confusing. See what they say but be prepared for a frank discussion.


posted by GR30 | A year ago
Re: Outstanding debt of £330.10 on pay as you go
Yeah, it has always been a PAYG meter for me.

I got a call back, they'll check the archives, gave me a reference, and will call me back within a week.

And yes. What is certain is that I'm not paying for someone else's debt. I just want my name removed from it completely and given to the person who was responsible.

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Outstanding debt of £330.10 on pay as you go

From what you say it is a historic debt from an old tennant. This happens a lot, but SP should be able to clear you from any involvement.  Anyone taking on a new PAYG should always register as a new tennant with no connection to previous users.

posted by GR30 | A year ago
Re: Outstanding debt of £330.10 on pay as you go

Strange thing is that me and my landlord called then about 3 years ago and it apparently got sorted; guess not.

It's comforting to know that, like you said, this isn't that uncommon. Hopefully they sort it soon. Thanks for responding.