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posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Overpayments
Hi debz they are asking for meter readings because they are not receiving the smart data. Just send in readings and you can get your refund if the estimates have been accurate.

posted by Debz | A year ago
Re: Overpayments

SP Have now reduced my bills for now. Thanks for all your replies everyone.  Unless you have access online, you would never get in touch with SP anymore via the phone.  I think they need more phone operatives. 

posted by Sunbury | 8 months ago
Re: Overpayments

I have the same issue in mid May 2019 I noticed that my Scottish Power account was some £1800  in credit and the web site informed me that I could reclaim this: I couldn't.  I called and was informed that the money could not be reclamed without a meter reading. The meter reader arrived a week later.  I called Scottish Power on the 12th July and was informed that the meter readings were only received from the meter reader on the 1st July and it can take up to four weeks for the system to update.  Apparently, I'll be able to reclaim the money after the 1st Aug.  Just three and a half months after noticing the problem. The lesson is clear, monitor your account frequently and act quickly if it starts going wrong.

posted by gordy69mac | 6 months ago
Re: Overpayments
I received my final bill before I left to go to Octopus, it had the meter reading recorded and the reading was for the flat above me, 2000units more than mine. I've tried four times to phone and after 30minc each time I had to hang up, so I've also had to foot the mobile phone charges too. I need to get my bill straightened out... £600.00 for electricity, in a studio flat, over a period of one month is extra extortionate.