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Owed some money?

posted by TR5 | A year ago

posted by TR5 | A year ago
Re: Owed some money?
Smart meters for gas and electricity cost the industry an average of £300 each per household, to supply and instal. This cost is passed on to the consumer with their bills, many of whom think, or are encouraged to think by their energy supplier, that they are compulsory, which is untrue.
I don’t have, and refuse to have a smart meter.
That now means I am paying towards others smart meters? If so, my energy supplier SP owes me £300 right?

posted by Meastwood87 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Owed some money?
I'm still waiting for my money owed to me when I was with extra energy as I was in credit by at least 500 pound, I have rang you loads of times about it and just been told to wait, and it's not happening no more Its been at least six months since I was with you so I want it sorted now

posted by daver08 | A week ago
Re: Owed some money?

trying to get money back from Scottish Power is not easy