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Paying bills online

posted by TomB | A year ago
I used the mobile banking app to pay my bill and I sent it too the wrong account of Scottish power . I kept getting bills sent out and I realised what I had done wrong , is it possible they can refund that money so I could pay my actual bill ?

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Paying bills online

Yes they will probably sort you out but no use asking us, call 0800 027 0072.

posted by hayley10 | 6 months ago
Re: Paying bills online
I've just had a bill from SP they say my bill is £166 for a 3 week charge which for a one bedroomed flat is pretty disappointing why I changed over I don't know, I could of paid that much over the next 3 months PAYG with key and card, and how do I pay for the thing,??? This bill if I pay bit by bit at a time over the next 4 weeks, as they are so dear ( not right I know ) this is not in the ts and cs ..
Cheers dose anyone answer these questions at all

posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: Paying bills online
@hayley10 Scottish Power don't come on these threads unless someone is rude and only then if someone else reports the rude one. We're just people swapping ideas and advice.

The advice I would give you first is to look at your bill and check the opening and current readings SP have used to calculate your bill are right. They often estimate and the estimates are usually way out. If the readings are wrong, read your meters then call SP and have them correct your account, that should generate a new, accurate bill and you can go from there if you still think it's too high.

People usually pay monthly by direct debit, building up a stash with SP so that when the bill comes in its already paid for. If you don't do this you might want to think about it - saves having to find hundreds all in one go.