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Prepay Electric meter credit limit?

posted by ElectricGasBela | 11 months ago

Dear Friends,

Bought £255 on Electric prepayment key but meter does not accept (£9.24 credit remaining). Help desk says the meter can hold only £250 so even when the remaining credit runs out will it then accept the credit or have I lost all that money?And ther is no recourse to refund either! The Post Office where I bought didn't inform anything just took the money and when I went back - said we don't know , call your supplier. Any help or suggestions please? Thanks and regards.


Top answer

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Prepay Electric meter credit limit?

Difficult situation and no solutions posted online. I would buy another card to keep you going while you sort out the £255 card. As SP have put a limit on your meter without telling you, I would ask them to take in your card and issue a cheque for that amount. They should be able to help and I cannot see any other way of doing it.

posted by ElectricGasBela | 11 months ago
Re: Prepay Electric meter credit limit?

Thanks Davc for your advice, the key is more like the side of a usb memory dongle not the card type. Customer services opinion is that once the meter has run out and power switched off then it should take the credit! All this so unnecessary as the Sales person at the Post office could have informed about the limitation but didn't know themselves, seems just a sale to them. Unfortunately thought could save a few Bobs by loading up before the increased tariffs. No one talks about refuns although have all the receipts. Thanks