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Previous Meter Readings

posted by diacong | A year ago

How can I find on the SPower website details of meter readings I have submitted in the past and also estimated readings?




posted by stevewillacy | 4 months ago
Re: Previous Meter Readings

i have checked my previous meter readings for my electric, they are as follows:

10 may 2018, 98316

2 december 2018, 02438

14 august 2019, 09389

the readings are correct

please can you check against the estimated?





posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Previous Meter Readings

@stevewillacy    Hi, your message needs to go to customer services, we cannot check anything for you on this customer forum. You can check your historic bills in your online account, they usually go back a few years. They will tell you if they are estimated or actual.