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Questions about your bill

posted by Melanie | 3 years ago
I was sent a letter in Oct 17 from scottishpower saying they are going to move my tariff to a cheaper fixed rate s my old rate had run out, and this was due to technical error.
I contacted Scottish power on the 18th Oct 2017 and spoke to a man who took my meter reading and told me my new monthly figures in my gas and electric with came to just over £100 a month. Which I was happy with.

However, then in November I receive a letter to say scottishpower are amending my Direct debit to more than double the agreed figure?? So I contacted customer service and gave another meter reading and explained it all again. The lady I spoke to didn't reset my account yo the correct meter readings she just changed the direct debit amount to what I was told I should be paying in the first place. But I wasn't aware if that until today, when I receive an other letter to say my Direct debit is going up by double again!!

I have called again and this time beige hand I login on line and entered the meter reads myself instead along with providing them over the phone. I have now been told it can take up to 5 day for someone in the smart team to contact... I asked her if this can be taken as an urgent contact, as it's Xmas week and it's will be Xmas shut down for Scottishpower soon and they are now wanting to take £ 250 out if my account. When my monthly fee should be more than half this.

I await a reponce, many thanks Melanie
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posted by Anja | 3 years ago
Re: Questions about your bill
This happens to me too, doubling the direct debit for no apparent reason. However subsequently on the next Bill they re-adjusted again.