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RCD switches off when topping up (and more)

posted by wattaman | 4 months ago

I can't find my older post about this issue on this horribly designed forum script.

The rcd switches off:

- at least 1 time per day, if I choose to update the meter readings daily (from my SP account settings)

- at least 2-3 times per week if I choose to update the meter readings monthly (from my SP account settings)

- everytime I topup using the SP app from my mobile

- everytime after the topup (10-15 minutes), when my SP monitoring device updates with the new balance from the SP

Obviously a connection between RCD switching off and everytime the meters communicate with SP.

The electrician will come on 4th and his solution is to move the electricity meter some other place. I honestly don't see how this will help and I'll try to get the old meters back (ie not the 'smart' ones).

Meanwhile, anyone else experienced such thing?