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posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: RE: Estimates and Actual Bills
@shalsall Check the meter readings quoted for the estimate, are your real actual readings today lower than the estimated reading? Or are they in a sequence from then that makes sense? It may be that in the transfer a wrong opening reading had to be corrected and that gave the high bill. It should be easy to write down all the readings from your bills and to see where the high estimate came from.

posted by shalsall | A month ago
Re: RE: Estimates and Actual Bills
I came over from Ex Energy with NIL balance.
If the first 2 DD were only 54 . Why would someone look at it and think I might even slightly use £446. The guy I spoke too said it was ridiculous,
I have looked at all my bills and wrote it all down. I am left with the £ 320 in credit. The powers that be can't see it.
I give up. I'm moving on. ......