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posted by DavC1 | 8 months ago
Re: Really high bill

@Kevco100   £120 a month is quite average these days, but as I wrote earlier you are probably being charged on estimates and your consumption will really be a lot lower.  Send in those readings as soon as possible.  (No meter readers call these days and customers have to take their own readings) 

posted by Paula1 | 8 months ago
Re: Really high bill
I've just been quoted £250 per month for direct debit payments with a bill average of £2600 .

I live alone in my property, I'm on a very low income and unable to work because of disability. I don't understand why my electricity bill is so high or understand how Scottish power expect me to pay monthly £250. - £200 for electricity consumption and £50 to pay off the debt owed.

There is a debt that has accumulated of £600.

Can anyone offer advice please

posted by DavC1 | 8 months ago
Re: Really high bill

@Paula1  Sorry to hear that about your bills, with electric heating it is possible to pay over £2000 a year these days, but do read your meters and send the readings to SP, they might be billing you on high estimates.  Ask a friend if you don't know about meter readings.

posted by Paddy00 | 6 months ago
Re: Really high bill
Haha this is too similar to my issue a year later 😩
I was using 8 units per day on my old meter, got a smart meter in, made zero changes to my usage.. and apparently im now using 25 units a day..
SP dont give a hoot.. just say my old meter must have been slow..
funny how your usage is 25 a day too 😂😂