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Receiving bills for someone else.

posted by birolgundogdu | A year ago


In July, I tried to move my gas and electricty to another company"E". Then the sent me a letter and an electricty key but they could not move my gas account and did not inform me. Two months later, by using a switch company I moved my gas account to a different company "green star energy". The problem is that you still send me bills but not in  my name, to the owner occupier. As far as I know, I dont have to pay if the bill wasnt sent me. My information is below. Please help me.

MPRN  xxxxxxxxx

Meter serial number  xxxxxxxxxxx

Scottish Power Account Number 


posted by mickeydee2018 | A year ago
Re: Receiving bills for someone else.

This is not something we can help with on the community pages, please contact Scottish power by calling 0800 027 0072 or email contactus@scottishpower.com

posted by Witchypoo69 | 3 months ago
Re: Receiving bills for someone else.

I am my brother's carer who is a vulnerable adult,  I would like to know why he is not receiving his bills ... and since I have registered his account with my email address  I can see on the account this states not posted out.  Why would this be. 





posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: Receiving bills for someone else.

I think you can change to postal bills while on line. Maybe the online account automatically defaults to online bills?