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Reduce direct debit

posted by Centaur | 12 months ago
Although in credit my DD has increased, I want to continue on the original amount, previously it was simple to do, now there's a fixed amount to pay which increases the more you lower your DD so you don't actually lower your payment..rip off or what?

posted by Cavvy2k8 | 9 months ago
Re: Reduce direct debit
Disgusted ! I am asked to input new meter readings online. Entered them and direct debit increased £18, offered opportunity to reduce monthly payment so decided to continue to pay original amount. System tells me wants £227 before I can do that!!! ... cant get staff on phone. Seriously unhappy with this service.

posted by Jonnel | 9 months ago
Re: Reduce direct debit
@Cavvy2k8 If your online account is working, read your meters again no more than a couple of days after your next DD is taken from your bank and submit the new readings online. So long as the new readings aren't vastly higher than the previous ones it should lower your next DD amount by a bit. You can often do this two or three months in a row to lower your DD each subsequent month.

But remember, this only works when the second set of readings you submit isn't 'significantly' higher than the previous set.

posted by innocentaitonje | 6 months ago
Re: Reduce direct debit