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Refund on account clousure

posted by Justanotherguy | A year ago

I Moved out my house on 28th Feb 2019 and gave final readings on the day. My Final Bill was genrated on 1st March 2019, with a commitment of refund of balance amount in my account in 14 days.

I was told not to cancell direct debit untill i get the refund, and till date no refund has been recived. When can i expect my refund to be credited to my account.


posted by dianwhitaker | 7 months ago
Re: Refund on account clousure

when will mu final bill be available, i noticed that my account will be debited on feb ruary 1st  for the  full  £274.  How long before I am paid back the credit.?


posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: Refund on account clousure
@dianwhitaker. What credit are you expecting?