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posted by AVIWALES | 12 months ago
I Have 152 .94 pounds in credit could you please send me a check or credit my bank account . Thank you . Account number 16056200035

Top answer

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: Refund
Hi Avi, this is a chat forum. We cannot action your refund.

posted by AVIWALES | 11 months ago
Re: Refund
Why can’t you refund this is my money .

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Refund

Hi again Avi, you must claim from SP by phone, this is a forum of consumers and we know nothing about your account.

posted by LiamGlasgow | 11 months ago
Re: Refund
Give the customer advice on exactly how he can go about receiving his refund. He may have a learning disability and does not know how to proceed so go on help me gentleman.

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Refund
Hi again Avi, to ask for your refund ring 0800 027 0072 and explain to the operator. You will need your account number when you ring.

posted by debbieM52 | 11 months ago
Re: Refund

How much of a nightmare are these people.  Just chased a refund for the third time!  Been given a code number to quote when calling with any issues.  My only issue is I want the money that is rightfully mine, that I was promised would be sent by cheque over two weeks ago.   Energy ombudsman being contacted tomorrow and I shall be switching suppliers for sure 

posted by mauricevigor | 11 months ago
Refund from extra energy and daligas

posted by wattst99 | 10 months ago
Re: Refund

So I am on my 51st minute of holding trying to speak to customer support - I have followed guidance on line to seek a refund to no avail - I have fed meter readings into the system and still no refund of a significant sum of money.   Does anyone have any advice on how to speak to a human to resolve my request.  Thanks

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Refund
You can also apply for a refund through your online web account.