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posted by Sarah1974 | 11 months ago
Re: Refund
I have tried to speak to someone for 3 days now at different times and I'm on hold for nearly an hour eveey time, I just want a refund, and u say do it on ur online account, u can't there is no way of requesting anything online! Help!

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Refund
Hi Sarah. Log into your online account through the internet There is definitely a request refund page.

posted by taz801 | 10 months ago
Re: Refund
I’ve had a debt on my meter for over four years absolutely scandalous I would put £15 on meter to get £2 and not even enough to top the emergency credit up I have never had a debt on my meter in my life always been on pay as you go somewhere along the line my gas and electricity was changed from British gas to ScottishPower after after contacting ScottishPower several times I i was told that I’d been paying someone else debt one advisor told me I was owed a substantial amount of money heard no more got Intouch again to be told no I owed them the money in that I was only owed £50 that they were going to credit the meter so I said no I’m not accepting that phoned ombudsman what was just as bad as dealing with ScottishPower they come back with an offer of £100 goodwill jester on a gift card £50 for the inconvenience and they wanted to credit the meter again with the £1400 that I’d struggled to keep up with paying that’ wasn’t my debt in the first place refused that offer so the ombudsman said they couldn’t help me any further I’m still topping up my meter by the minutes I can see on my statements that money is being credit in dribs and drabs but yet my credit keeps running out and I have to top my meter up constantly so basically ScottishPower only credit themselves back with the money that I paid there is not online refund link or in app link to request a refund believe me I’ve tried and tried