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posted by TWibb | A year ago

I have made a several phone calls, and everybody on the phone were very convincing indeed aboutthe  refund being on its way to me. However, I have not received anything and it has been a few months now. I am not sure how the system works within the administration team/prepayment department. However, all the promises that I have recived did not achieve anything! 

I would like to know the reason why there is a delay, why it says online that I should be contacting Scottish Power to get the refund and as if I never did? Why I am told that I would be getting a cheque and I never did/do? Please I do not need empty and time wasting promises anymore. I need someone who is competent to deal with this matter please. I do not want to speak another customer adviser who will not be able to solve the issue or try to assist.

A genuine help would be appreciated as soon as possible please.


posted by cappabrioche | 7 months ago
Re: Refunds
I’m glade it’s not only me experiencing this..
It seems to be the same storie I’m having with Scotish power..
Long delay..incompetent staff at the call centre..
I’m struggling to get a decent conversation with the customer service ( I trying to get the refund me too)
They clearly don’t want to pay back my refund (I believe they have instructions to do this )And they trying hard to make it happen..
That’s a shame ..

posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: Refunds

@cappabrioche   It depends what refund you are claiming.  A lot of people see a credit balance on their direct debit statement and ask for it back. The thing is with December to February ahead of us you need a good balance to carry you through the cold months. Don’t know if this applies to you.