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posted by SomersetBob | 7 months ago
Re: Removing smart meter
It is true the electricity companies can use smart meters to offer flexible tariffs, but they are not compulsory and from what I've seen of Scottish Power's not very competitive. Off-peak is 7:30PM to 23:59 on one of their offerings. So peak rate is midnight to early evening and not as low a rate as a normal tariff. Things may change and more competitive offering become available. For electric vehicle owners their are already a few flexible low overnight tariffs.
What is more interesting is the potential to be paid to feed into the grid at peak time from home storage (including electric vehicles) or solar panels to balance the load, but for the majority this is still some way off.
As consumers we are charged a fixed rate tariff, but in reality electricity generation is priced half-hourly and the prices published one day ahead (based on weather predictions and other factors), smart meters in theory should allow consumers some control over when to use high consumption devices or feed back to the grid to cut the bills, it remains to be seen whether any of this actually happens.

posted by niknik | 7 months ago
Re: Removing smart meter
Hi, I’m experiencing similar scenario in that a smart meter was installed in Feb 2019 and it’s not recorded an accurate reading since. Scottish Power has billed me a horrendous amount that’s way above usual use before smart meter was installed. In the past, I always ensured that accurate readings were provided, but the smart meter has been installed it’s not recording anything. I’ve gone to Ombusman but that pays lip-service; problems with smart meter reading and billing continues. I’ve been a loyal customer of Scottish Power for a few years, but now I’m off. I don’t trust this energy provider anymore. Strange, I’m being charged a huge amount and I’m never really at home!

posted by Jonnel | 7 months ago
Re: Removing smart meter
@SomersetBob My concern is there's more than one way to skin a cat. Smart meters were going to be compulsory until the government relented, not the energy providers. THEY got stung with the targets instead. So what have the suppliers done.... begun to make smart meter installaton mandatory for acceptance to the better tariffs. There are even people posting on here who're bewildered because they've gotten smart meter installation appointments when they didn't even know accepting their new tariff meant they'd said 'yes' to having them..

I can see the same thing happening with Frivolous 5. What we'll eventually see is that when your current tariff ends, there won't BE a tariff available that ISN'T a peak-rate flexi. To me, that means compulsory.

posted by Dogwalker | 3 months ago
Re: Removing smart meter
Had smart meter since early 2017. This is the Mk1 meter. Changed tariff on September 1st 2019 and was told by SP Call Centre Agent that it would take 4-6 weeks for the tariff to be updated on the meter. It is now 10 weeks and still no update. SP say that this is a known problem!!. What is the point in having a smart meter if it does not give you the correct tariff and usage costs??. The meter did update the tariff on September 1st but the standing charges and unit cost details bear no resemblance to what they should be showing.

posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: Removing smart meter

@Dogwalker   You are right, updating tariffs to your home Display is the weakest part of the smart system and very frequently the costs on the display are completely wrong.   If you can live with it the meter transmissions should be working  and the Display does show kWh and m3 units correctly.   The costs on the Display frighten a lot of people who expect it to be their bill, which of course it isn't.   I think this is an industry problem, not just SP.