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posted by springjoy | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

I have been advised by the energy advocate that it is possible to have the metering changeover done fully by Scottish Power (and indeed Scottish Power has confirmed this is the case).  He has had this done for many clients in the Inverclyde area who were experiencing the same problem as myself with the Weathercall meter not being compatible with my Dimplex Quantum heaters.  There are NO multi rate meters (smart or otherwise) available at the moment so that is why the energy ombudsman is the next stage for me..  The advocate has been excellent as he is the only person I have come across that fully understands the setup and what is required to changeover to Economy 7.

posted by springjoy | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

I got my Comfort Plus meter replaced mid October.  Actavo have totally messed up the Economy 7 timings and also transposed the  day and night opening readings.  Scottish Power have messed up my online account, new tariff and billing.  I have been trying to get the situation sorted out for 3 months but no one wants to know.  I am awaiting a visit from a customer liaison officer but when I ask the complaints handler for a confirmed date I seem to hit a brick wall.  I am refusing to pay the bill they have issued as there is nothing correct about it, so I guess I will just have to wait for the threat of disconnection in order to get something done.  The complaints handling system is appalling.  The complaints handler does not appear  to have any influence in progressing in my complaint.  It is a pity that this situation has arisen.  My new metering arrangement will work well with my Dimplex Quantum storage heaters and all the stress will be worthwhile in the end as I will eventuallty manage to break free from Scottish Power.  In the meantime who knows what will happen next.  I guess they cannot ignore an unpaid bill so maybe someone will listen before I end up in court!

posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

Bummer i just had the comfortplus meter removed and and economy 7 installed and it seems all went well but the engineer has forgotten to install a time clock for my storage meters - but hey not to worry i never use them anyway

But hey the billing has gone haywire

I now still have 3 readings a rate 1 2 and a mysterious 4 which i havent a clue as it has a different mpan number which it shouldnt because that means there is no way to move to another supplier - dual mpans cause any switch to fail

Just input my meter readings last week and they have disappeared and i entered again today and my usual 3 month £150 bill has jumped to £490 - system is totally snafu as usual.

Not even going to phone them as its useless thank goodness i dont pay by direct debit i will just wait until they muck it up and then make another claim for compensation due to their incompetence and add it to my library for the Watchdog tv programme - be interesting when they find out it took SP 5 years to replace my faulty meter! Yip 5 yeaars i was getting leccie for free!

What do pelicans, penguins and scottish power have in common?
They can all shove their bills up their ar$e!


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter
@omendata. Sorry your escape from Comfort Plus did not work and you are back to confusion. You do know how SP works though and so should be able to sort out the mess.
On another post you called smart meters a fire risk, now come on where did you get that one? I agree with your other comments but how can a meter be a fire risk? Good Luck.

posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

They are being installed incorrectly as you have to be properly trained to install these I think Watchdog did a programme a while back - they arent the same as sticking in  a Hortsmann meter but as many companies now outsource including Scottish Power you have no guarantee that your installer has the correct training and its still going on.

Try googling it:-


Read the first line here:-



TRUST NO 1 good motto to stand by and especially for me working in IT security.

I trust nothing a computer is in control of because I used to programme the firmware on things and know how easy it is to install backdoors and circumvent security.

Millions of people have IPcams in their homes and 70% of them have a backdoor transmitting on port 666 and easily hacked by telnetting in and using admin and password123 to gain access - that is why they are all migrating to the cloud based ipcams now and of course you have to pay and the wbe interface is gone - Its all big brother dude!

Dont be part of the masses who suck up everything they say and believe the hype over smart this or IOT this.
Visit Shenzen in China and you will see how far it has actually gone its really quite amazing how much your life is being controlled and monitored!


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

@omendata   It is true that any  electrical connection that is not firmly attached can cause arcing, and overheating, this applies to any appliance. To jump from this  fact to say smart meters are causing fires  is not correct. Any badly installed unit can cause a fire. 

You are mainly concerned about poor internet security, that is also true but not particularly a problem with metering, smart meters do not transmit from homes to the internet. They use encrypted mobile phone messaging. 

posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

@Davc True but its the installers that are causing the problem and if i am not wrong i believe the smartmeters now have an inbuilt 40amp breaker inside which complicates the electronics and as you may  or may not know the more electronics you add the more prone to failure things become.

From a security standpoint I trust no 1 - good motto to standby - anything can be hacked and yes unlike Europe where the signal is transmitted down the mains wiring it is as you say encrypted ghz radio but that renders it somewhat easier to interception than the european method!

But yeah in general I agree a single loose arcing main fuse or untightened main tail is probably the more usual method of fire-starting!

Its quite funny really the old wheel meters are far more reliable and less prone to faults than all the new digital electronics and that goes for most things like cars, microwaves, telephones - quite paradoxical - the further forward we evolve in technology the less reliable things become!