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Replacement meter

posted by Mumma | A week ago

The gas network provider replaced my gas meter as the old one had a leak. I can see no way of providing meter readings for the old and new meter or of letting Scottish Power know I have a new meter. The old meter is still on my account.


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posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Replacement meter

Hi, I would expect the meter installer to have told SP about the change of meters. To be sure that SP know about your situation you can write an email to contactus@scottishpower.com.  You can give your account number, and the number and meter readings of the new and old meters with the date of installation and name of the gas service company who did the job. That should be enough to sort out the problem.

posted by Mumma | A week ago
Re: Replacement meter
Thank you

posted by viv | 5 days ago
Re: Replacement meter
I have been trying to change my prepayment meter to the credit meter since March 2017 and we still have had nobody coming in to do it despite numerous promises. Nobody has bothered to see the matter through.

posted by deanoe | Yesterday
Re: Replacement meter

I am currently in same position with an Economy & meter that was replaced due to a fault. I was advised by SP that they would make all the changes necessary etc once they receved the information from the old meter and was informed this would take 4-6 weeks and that I would then be able to enter new readings.

I waited the time out then on 1st July went to put in readings and the old ones were still showing on the online  meter . I still entered the readings and guess what they did not accept them and estimated by bill and in true SP  form trying to get hold of them by phone etc is neigh on impossible. so back to the battle of emails and long waits on the end of a phone .

To be honest been having so many problems with SP doubt if I will stay with them next year will be a shame as I have been with them for 20 odd years, but since I moved house it has been one thing after another with them.