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Replacement meter

posted by Mumma | A year ago

The gas network provider replaced my gas meter as the old one had a leak. I can see no way of providing meter readings for the old and new meter or of letting Scottish Power know I have a new meter. The old meter is still on my account.


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posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

Hi, I would expect the meter installer to have told SP about the change of meters. To be sure that SP know about your situation you can write an email to contactus@scottishpower.com.  You can give your account number, and the number and meter readings of the new and old meters with the date of installation and name of the gas service company who did the job. That should be enough to sort out the problem.

posted by Mumma | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter
Thank you

posted by viv | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter
I have been trying to change my prepayment meter to the credit meter since March 2017 and we still have had nobody coming in to do it despite numerous promises. Nobody has bothered to see the matter through.

posted by deanoe | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

I am currently in same position with an Economy & meter that was replaced due to a fault. I was advised by SP that they would make all the changes necessary etc once they receved the information from the old meter and was informed this would take 4-6 weeks and that I would then be able to enter new readings.

I waited the time out then on 1st July went to put in readings and the old ones were still showing on the online  meter . I still entered the readings and guess what they did not accept them and estimated by bill and in true SP  form trying to get hold of them by phone etc is neigh on impossible. so back to the battle of emails and long waits on the end of a phone .

To be honest been having so many problems with SP doubt if I will stay with them next year will be a shame as I have been with them for 20 odd years, but since I moved house it has been one thing after another with them.



posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

ScottishPower are awful it took them 5 years yes 5 years to replace my faulty meter even though i had told them from the off it was not working as the numbers were not changing - i sent over 100 emails , 50 phone calls and they sent out meter readers and leccies 6 or 7 times and couldnt do the job - in that time i had 5 years of free electricity!

Utterly disgraceful level of wservice

I have tried to change my supplier to BULB and others but apparently I cannot as these special white meters have what is known as a complex tariff which locks you into Scottish Power unless you have them removed and replaced at a large cost.

Dont expect much servic e from customer services either - I used to work for them in Cathcart in the IT dept during the Novell migration with Iberdrola and before that as a service engineer and their systems are disgraceful as are the management who couldnt run a bath never mind a company!



posted by GregWoods | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

I too had my economy 7 replaced due to fault with it's time keeping/time signal reception.

The meter was replaced quckly, and I naively assumed that as SP arranged the new meter, they would know to reset my meter reading to zero. How silly I was.

After a couple of estimated bills, I didn't realise the mistake until I submitted a real reading and had my direct increased from £100 to £400

My first web chat, the operator asked my to send all my details, with photos of the meter, to contactus@scottishpower.com.  No reply after 8 days.

I try to phone on 0800 027 0072 to be met with "the number is no longer in use"

So I use web chat again. It takes over an hour to determine my email went into a black hole. I resent it to chat@scottishpower.com, which did go through. But the operator could not himself reset the meter readings, and rather unusually, advised me to cancel my direct debit.  

I also asked him for the phone number. He told me the same one which is hidden on the website... the one which is "no longer in use". 

The final systems failure is that after escalating my problem, he sent me a link to the complaints page. you guessed it, it doesn't work, and was redirected back to the support home page.

One final annoyance, I wanted to copy/paste my chat transcript for future reference, but the second I did it, the screen changed to a "how did we do" survey. Needless to say, the score was poor, despite the web chat persons hard work.

Whoever is in charge of their internal system needs firing. All their IT systems which I came into contact with had some failure or defect 

posted by omendata | A year ago
Re: Replacement meter

I used to work in their IT department and 10+ years ago as an IT engineer on the  road on contract for them.

When i was with them for the Novell Netware  migration everything went t**s up - The managers are the most incompetent I have ever encountered and virtually everyone in the IT dept was either depressed and disillusioned with  the takeover and the managers or just couldnt be bothered and would rather go outside and smoke a pack of B&H - ask any of the call centre staff when they are off work and they will tell you the same = they try hard but the systems are tosh - stuff just gets lost in the ether - This always happens when a company tried to migrate or merge its IT systems - Just look at TSB - But Scottish Power did this over 10 years ago and their systems are still tosh! And the call centres in Gurgaon in India and other cities are just as you would expect - havent a clue - close cases when they are still open , steal customers details and sell em on and more stuff you wouldn't believe but hey it saves Iberdrola cash who cares about the customers right - I actually heard a top manager say something akin to that - Disgraceful!!!

Dont go direct debit just go pay cash 3 monthly - its what i do!

I cannot even leave have tried bulb etc but as the meter is so called complex tariff i cant apparently lol

What a crock - Its the most awful company I have ever dealt with in my entire life and almost the worst to work for!