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posted by kgunaranjan | 3 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills

Totally agree with you. Initially while taking the new connection they said your bill be £ 65 per month and i am with Scottish power for almost 2 years. Being a loyal customer and pay the bills regularly there is no use. 

They have sent my bill couple of weeks back where it says 'Total costs for this period £1,533.38' and 'Your balance carried forward £1,923.60'. When i check with them they says there is a mismatch and unable to answer with correct details.

Now they have deleted the bill and tell me to contact the concerned team. While taking the connection they have time to call me N number of times and convince this was the best tariff.  Now they are telling you're not in the better tariff call the team and change the tariff. They have time to call me to convince to take new connection and they have time to make reminders to pay bills but they don't have time to call back a customer.

I checked with my friends and colleagues on the bills there are laughing at me for paying the such huge bills almost £2000 yearly. 


posted by rossfarragher | A month ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills
Just realised after 3 years that these **bleep**s have been doing it to me too. Just topped up £20 and 14 went to debt and owed!?!?!?! How tf can I be in debt when I'm the one topping it up???

posted by kgunaranjan | A month ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills

I am also facing the same falsy bills problem. 

Do we have any solicitors in the Community who can help us ?

I want to lodge a complaint on Scottish Power for sending falsy bills.

Those who are facing the same problem can unite and form a group and lodge a complaint.

Any advises please.

Please keep all your falsy bills safe and saved.



posted by Diane121 | A month ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills

hi ladies and gents, 

if you look up resolver here  is  https://www.resolver.co.uk/

its a complaints tool free of charge i used it to get my money back and compensation just give them all the information your problem  with scottish power the more people who use them then they are going to realise there is a problem and get more legal involved use the link please its free