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Robbing people with false bills

posted by Diane121 | 12 months ago
I would not trust Scottish power if they paid me a million pounds they are robbing people blind as they produce a bill when you can legally move providers after the contract time is up.. so I did next thing I get is a bill for my 2accounts which are prepayment and no debt on them for 437.62 credit so I ask for it back the next thing I hear is that I'm 786.86p in debt so I go on my online account they only set up a different gas account and are trying defraud me.

posted by amyjake24 | 12 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills

we are experiencing this ... my partner and i lived in a 2 bed flat for a year, we paid £130 a month three times and £40 the rest of the months yet we leave with a debit balance of £430?! baring in mind we slept in one room the other was used for storage, and half the lightbulbs were blown out too!!

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills

I seriously doubt this has happened on purpose, have you only just checked? you must have been operating like this for months to run up a bill of £700. Just ask for your previous credit to be applied to the new account, and pay the difference and you will be back to all square.

posted by Diane121 | 11 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills
Davc... I live in a 3bedroom house I only have my heating on when I need it... for a bill to be run up like that I must run everything by gas? So why wasn't my electric the same tell me that??? Let me see you work for them!! And no I did not just notice this I've reported it to ofgem so let them sort this I'm just warning people and I have the right to tell people!! I am disabled and I'm not the only ones they have done it too!!

posted by Diane121 | 11 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills
It's totally shocking I was on a pre payment card and key so I'm paying for my electric and gas in advance I was paying over 40quid a week on gas and the same on electric... they are robbing people blind I would get on to ofgem send them all the evidence you have of overpayment and that you haven't ran up debt.. the more people the better hope you get it sorted

posted by Legaleagle18 | 11 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills

Scottish Power should be regulated more  by the powers that be  They are causing disabled vunerable  customers excessive long standing unecessary  stress. They fail to address complaints effectively, they are nortorious  for hiking  up disabled cusotmers  disiproportunate prices, In addition to this they fail to allow disabled  customers access to the warm home front discount, applicatons for  the W.H.D no applications  are not on line, neither is there a telephone number for one to apply by phone,   other fuel companies   disclose the Warm Home discount  on their websites & do not  try to hide the discount as Scottish power constantly do. I have experienced nothing but distress & anxiety since being a customer which impacts greatly on my lung c ondition other health conditons  & my  mobility.  I would not reccomend Scottish power their customer service is inconsistant during complaint closure   procedures, nothing  is actioned that has been agreed & not resoluted. Appauling  service 

posted by Ash1611 | 11 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills
This company is a pile of s***. I so do not understand how they work out their charges. We r having endless problems. To get hold of them is a nightmare. One u get someone on the other end, you cant understand them. Soooooo frustrating.
Weve been told we are £2000 in debt. They suddenly start debiting our acnt with £480 one month then £470 another
We live in a 3 bed hse. We all out during the day. We are careful with leaving lights on. Our radiators are hardly used .
Whats going on Smiley Sad(((

posted by angelak | 11 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills
Can’t understand how I can be told I’m 600 in debt when I have a smart meter and only two months previous my direct debit reduced from 82 to 45. I live alone, work full time so I would say impossible to have accumulated this bill in two months! Have raised a complaint 24 th July and yet to be contacted other than taking an unauthorised 155 payment on the 1st August. I have reported to energy Ombudsman and they have agreed their involvement in resolving this.

posted by kcb | 11 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills
My DD has changed from 54 to 72 to 75 and then 87 all since June 2018! In spite of being £161 in credit on electric, no reading on gas since December when smart meter fitted but i only use gas for hot water and heating is on 6 hours a day in winter. Online i am £30 in debit.
Gas smart meter commisioned 3 August.
Complaint raised 5 June by me but recorded as 22 June. NO ONE from complaints to speak to

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Robbing people with false bills

Despite having a smart meter it's a good idea to send in a reading to get an accurate up to date bill. If your bills are estimated they could be totally wrong.