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SP cost me my warm home discount with ExEn takeover?

posted by Unhappy019 | A year ago

So, after receiving my first postal letter ever from SP today, which was junk mail saying I must pay a balance of around £70 by the end of the month (Which I have no intention of doing as they owe me money), I was writing out something to send them and had a thought "Where is my warm home discount this year?"

I'm on qualifying disability benefits and with ExEn, they would credit this money around May I recall. The first year I had to send proof of entitlement then it was credited automatically the following year.

I've just had a look on SP's site and it says applications for the warm home discount are closed and people will receive a credit on their account by the 31st March 2019. 

So am I correct in thinking this is another total screw up by SP? Because as the accounts were transferred over months ago, it would have shown I'm  eligible and I should have been credited?