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Scottish Power: Exaggerated Bill for the Duration of 3 Months

posted by SangramMG | A year ago


I have moved in to the property on 23rd June 2018. As I was new to the place, I thought of continuing with the same Energy Supplier which previous tenants were using. As per previous tenants, with all essential utilities- Monthly Bill Payemnet would be charged 40-45 GBP. Understanding this would be good deal for 1 BHK flat, I opted to go with Scottish power after doing some online research and I had choosen - Help Beat Cancer Fixed Saver August 2020 in month of Aug 2018. DD amount was 44.XX GBP. Got first bill to pay 94 GBP in Sept 2018 and then bill kept on increasing. I was not aware whether I need to submit meter reading, when I submitted meter reading it was horondous- Not sure what was the reason but the meter reading diffenece was in thousands in Jan 2019 (last meter reading submitted was in Nov 2018). Because of this my DD was revised to 167 GBP in recent days,

I want to know why energy supplier changes the DD by its own without explaining the reason. Amount which I need to pay is very hugh and not acceptable. Is there anyone aware of this changin tarrif? Please suggest.


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Scottish Power: Exaggerated Bill for the Duration of 3 Months

Hello, look at your bill, was the November reading estimated, has your recent reading been accepted as Actual, are you sure you sent the right numbers when you sent the reading, how does your reading look today, is it in line with what you sent in? If all these details are OK then you have probably built a debt over the winter which is now being claimed back. The high DD will go back to a normal level when the debt is paid off.  The problem is not your tariff, it is caused by not sending in readings, try to stay on top of your problem by sending readings often, many people do it every month. 

Your bill will tell how much you owe, you could pay it as a one off payment and then your DD would reduce straight away. 


posted by Marlboro69 | A year ago
Re: Scottish Power: Exaggerated Bill for the Duration of 3 Months

Scottish Power trying to leave for a month now.  Sent me a letter today saying I can't leave as my gas bill is £0.00

The way they behave has got to be illegal.  I have spent the best part of half a working week calling speaking to three customer service staff and still no joy.  They are 1 out of 5 on Google and I hink that is far to generous absolutely shocking company with no regard for customers