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Service Unavailable

posted by MarkW | 4 months ago

Clicking on any bill, my browser gets the link to a document, but when it tries to access it, the server returns
"Service Unavailable" as HTTP browser text, rather than the PDF document.
Suffice to say that if you right click and save the file instead, it creates an incompatible file that Acrobat cannot read.

It appears that the document servers are down. 
I am unable to access any of my correspondence or bills, which is quite a serious failing, as I can only view them online.


posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Service Unavailable

@MarkW   The problem is not at SP's end, it is the configuration of your laptop or PC. Google for 'How to display a pdf on my browser' . If you use a phone or Pad the pdfs open automatically. What you need in Windows depends on which browser you use. You need to set pdfs to open with your browser as a default.  Acrobat is no longer needed.

posted by MarkW | 4 months ago
Re: Service Unavailable

Sorry DavC but Scottish Power have confirmed that there is an ongoing issue with the online website, with document access. It is also affecting Scottish Power employees internally.