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Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke

posted by MarcusL | 9 months ago

Hi all,

Sorry to start off extremely negatively but we (my partner and I) are appalled at the level of service ScottishPower have provided us with. Before ScottishPower took over our existing energy supplier I had no issues or concerns. Since ScottishPower have taken over we have had nothing but misfortunate and incompetence. I understand how such large company transitions are not without the teething problems but our experience with them so far is beyond outraging.

I have had my online account communicating that “Account is being setup” for over six weeks now. I have telephoned customer service on numerous occasions to chase this issue up and have simply been told that things were moving and “in the post”?! Nothing has come to fruition as of yet and I am now several months behind paying any electricity or gas bill – what is most frustrating is that my previous Direct Debit with the previous company was going smoothly and efficiently. This has caused unnecessary distress and frustrations that we currently do not need.

I have telephoned several times today and have not been able to get through. All I want to do is get access to my account, amend my direct debit details and proceed with life as normal. The length of time this is taking is inexcusable and I am continuously falling behind with payments which are now escalating, making it difficult now to switch energy supplier.

I am eager to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If anyone has any advice how to rectify this situation it would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time,



posted by Andi | 9 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke
Slightly different issues for me during the transfer over so you are not alone. My account is set up for electric but not gas!!
Likewise I have been unsuccessful in getting through in the phone. The call back isn’t suitable for me. Tried the message bit in the app yesterday but I have no idea if they have it as no response a day later. I’m not expecting it sorted quickly just acknowledge it at least.
Hopefully we will all be sorted soon

posted by JimmyB | 9 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke
Hi Marcus, I would give up phoning. I gave up after about 5 attempts and decided to use web chat. I think the customer service team are based overseas and they prefer dealing online. As long as you can get the account set up online you can manage your direct debit to play catch up. I made a one off payment of £400 as I had made no payments since last November when Extra Energy went down the pan. Good Luck, Jim

posted by MarcusL | 9 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke

Hi both,

Thank you for comments. It is good to hear that we are not alone.  Thank you Jim, I will give the web chat a go and see if anything comes to fruition.

Take care both,


posted by bill650 | 9 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke
six weeks seems to be a short time i have been waiting over four months.same as you many phone calls same evasive answers .only waiting for setup so i cane change suppliers.

posted by soldiercarol | 9 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke
I too have been waiting since November and will change suppliers as soon as I can. Scottish Power don't know the meaning of the words customer service. I want a deal in writing because as Extra Energy was all online they go bust and you have no evidence of your bills usage or anything else, bring back paper bills and customer service.

posted by Bonny | 9 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke

I'm currently waiting to speak to someone to discuss my first bill with SP since being transferred from Extra Energy.

This is the 4th time calling to check my DD is set up as this bill isn't asking for payment with no mention of the DD that I've been assured 3 times is in place!

Also, only gas is showing on the bill, not electricity.

Also, no sign of the huge amount of credit I had remaining with EE, that SP promised would be refunded to us.

They are an absolute shambles. Will be switching asap.

posted by MarcusL | 9 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke

Hi all,

Sorry to hear your troubles. Its comforting to know that it isn't just me. It  really is a shambolic service.

Someone from ScottishPower rang me back and has "re-strated" my payments. I was suppose to receive an E-mail a week ago and still nothing has come through. I have checked my onlinke banking and again no evidence that a direct debit has been set up. Basically - its like it didn't happen. I still can't login to my account - I just get re-directed to the forums and then receive the "Ooops something went wrong message".

It really is an atrocious service - I think I will be uSwitching IT and worry about fees later. I can't be dealing with such a shoddy service. 

posted by Bex | 8 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke

Hi, i am also having trouble setting up my account.

Been told someone would call me back at least 5 times now and nothing is moving forward.

posted by Beeftex | 8 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke

Hi all,

Came here to see whether I was the only one who didn't know what was happening with my account set up, and shocked to find there are so many others in the same boat.

Was attracted by the lower estimated annual charge estimated - saving approx £200 compared to my current suppliers on dual fuel. But what I didn't realise was that Scottish Power to date appears to be 50 times worse than EDF - my current suppliers!

Does this mean we cannot switch suppliers now? i.e. can't i find someone else?

Not having a good feeling about this.