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posted by Andi | A year ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke
Well 4 months on and still problems. Calling is a waste of time as you don’t get through. The chat online works but the information that is given although polite is very poor. 3 weeks ago told that they would be investing why my gas account wasn’t set up (told this could take up to 30 days) and sorting reinstating the direct debit. Low and behold. 3 weeks later. No Direct debit sorted and when I asked about the progress of the gas account I was told that their previous attempt to sort it was ‘fruitless’ so they have started that again and it could take up to 30 days yet again.!!!
Unfortunately they do not know what they are talking about. It seems they tell you what they think you want to hear instead of actually giving facts and carrying out actions.
All this when gas and electricity readings were given to SP when EE collapsed.
I despair of what to do next. Lots of other misinformation given.

posted by JimmyB | A year ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke

I would avoid doing anything by phone, SP have taken on 100,000 EE customers and they are clearly struggling to cope. Forget using the phone, web chat is better. Would not recommend switching to any of these small suppliers as they are all looking pretty shaky financially and could go the same way as EE.  If you persevere with getting your account set up then managing your account online is very easy.  The whole energy sector in the UK is in a mess frankly and we are all paying the price.


posted by EmilyG | 11 months ago
Re: Setting up Account - Beyond a Joke

I have tried to set up an account and it's been an absoulte  nightmare I have told them every time  I spoke to them I get paid on the 10 so please take it out on the 10th and now looking at my account it's on the 17th  so no money is there as I thought it has all ready been paid it's not just this no one seems to know what they are doing in the call centres as it's just so frustrating as nothing gets done 

@MarcusL wrote:

Hi all,

Sorry to start off extremely negatively but we (my partner and I) are appalled at the level of service ScottishPower have provided us with. Before ScottishPower took over our existing energy supplier I had no issues or concerns. Since ScottishPower have taken over we have had nothing but misfortunate and incompetence. I understand how such large company transitions are not without the teething problems but our experience with them so far is beyond outraging.

I have had my online account communicating that “Account is being setup” for over six weeks now. I have telephoned customer service on numerous occasions to chase this issue up and have simply been told that things were moving and “in the post”?! Nothing has come to fruition as of yet and I am now several months behind paying any electricity or gas bill – what is most frustrating is that my previous Direct Debit with the previous company was going smoothly and efficiently. This has caused unnecessary distress and frustrations that we currently do not need.

I have telephoned several times today and have not been able to get through. All I want to do is get access to my account, amend my direct debit details and proceed with life as normal. The length of time this is taking is inexcusable and I am continuously falling behind with payments which are now escalating, making it difficult now to switch energy supplier.

I am eager to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If anyone has any advice how to rectify this situation it would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time,