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Sharing an account

posted by Hiphooray | A year ago


I have been unable to add my partner to my existing account. There doesn't seem to be any option on the account management page to add more than one single account holder. This means that Scottish Power telephone operators refuse information  when an enquiry is made, and will only discuss issues with the account with me, or when I'm physically present. Has anyone else overcome this problem and if so, how? Many thanks in advance.  Smiley Happy


Top answer

posted by  TommyD | A year ago
Re: Sharing an account
Hi @Hiphooray I used to look after the account for my parents. It was easy done with a call to the call centre. They will firstly authenticate the account holder then create a new 'business partner' record for your partner and add them to your account. I think this can be done for various scenarios like partners, parents, students and landlords etc. Hope that helps. Tommy

posted by Hiphooray | A year ago
Re: Sharing an account
Thank you so much. Will give them another call. I was told this wasn't possible when I tried a few months ago, so it will be great if they have now made this possible. Many thanks once again Smiley Happy

posted by Hiphooray | A year ago
Re: Sharing an account

Thank you so much, that's very good news. Best wishes and thank you once again Smiley Happy