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Smart Meter Displaying Wrong Tariff

posted by Mart | 2 weeks ago

I have had my smart meter for just over a week now. With the energy crisis I was hoping it would help me to save money.

It appears to work fine, reporting the correct usage to the IHD and my account. 

The problem is the tariff on my IHD is wrong, so the "Cost per hour" "Used today" monetary values are very wrong.  Is this normal? I understand about the 5% Vat, standing charges etc, this isnt the issue. 

I have asked Scottish Power for help but they just tell me its all working fine and point me to the website, I don't think they have ever properly understood my question.

Any help would be appreciated

My current tariff is - Gas and Elec Standing  16.44 - Elec Unit 18.759 Gas Unit 4.101
My IHD shows - Gas and Elec Standing 19.57 - Elec Unit 10.39 Gas unit 2.97

It seems pointless having the IHD if it is working out to be a lot less than in reality.


posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Smart Meter Displaying Wrong Tariff

@Mart   IHDs often take several weeks until they pick up the right tariff data from the supplier.   Sadly it's not an input the customer can edit, you just have to be patient for the next update from SP. 

posted by Mart | A week ago
Re: Smart Meter Displaying Wrong Tariff
Scottish Power have been going on at me for the whole year about getting one installed, with Covid and other issues I have only recently be able to agree. Surely where ever my IHD gets the tariff information from could have been updated correctly in that time, its literally 4 numbers. SP get my energy use every 30 minutes but can't send 4 numbers to me?

Smart meters have been out for 5 years, yet im not impressed on what could be a very good idea.

If they can't (or can't be bothered) to give me the correct details at least give me the option to change it myself. I can't even connect to it with my phone and use an app to help me calculate in real time.

The only option(s) I have, that are actually useful, are a bar that goes up in real time when I use a lot of electricity. Even then I have no idea on the actual price as its completely wrong. So all in all I may as well not bother with it.

posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Smart Meter Displaying Wrong Tariff

@Mart   It's not just SP, the whole industry works this way. It takes some time for smart meters to be sent the correct tariff information, yours should be correct a few weeks following the installation.   
Sometimes the IHD can show crazy high costs, if this happens it is not your bill, the bills are calculated at Head Office completely separate to what the IHD calculates. 

posted by Mart | 3 hours ago
Re: Smart Meter Displaying Wrong Tariff

3 weeks on and still no sign of the correct tariff in my IHD.

Honestly what is the point in an IHD if I have to log on to the website to find accurate information.

I only want them to update 4 numbers for me, its not a lot to ask.