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Smart Meter Instructions

posted by Redmosque | 4 years ago

Where are they?  All links end at page not found and I'm fed up of going round and round. SHOULD BE EASY 


posted by  Eilidh | 4 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions

Hi @Redmosque, we have an area on our website dedicated to smart meter information which you can find by following this linkhttps://www.scottishpower.co.uk/energy-efficiency/smart-meters/

If you are looking for instructions on how to work your in home display (the small hand held unit you are provided with at the time of your smart meter installation) this link takes you directly to them in home display instructions on our website https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/pdf/smart-meters/Smart-energy-display-user-guide.pdf

If you'd prefer to watch a youtube video advising you of these instructions this link will take you to the specific videoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJD_qIf_KEc&t=21s 

Hope this information helps Smiley Happy

posted by john4089 | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions

How do you get up messages on smart meter

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions

The IHD display does not show messages

posted by WillR | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions

 My new smart meter gives readings for electricity use but seems not to be receiving gas information.  The  went in yesterday and I know it takes a little while to connect to the gas meter but after 24 hours I would have expected the connection to be made. I note that there are red buttons on the front of the gas meter.  Might these be helpful??


posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions

Hello Will, the red button is for you to take manual readings from the gas meter. If gas is not showing up on your display it could mean the gas meter is not paired with the electric meter. If it does not correct within a few days check to see if SP are receiving gas readings, if not send in manual readings and ask for the installer to come back. The gas meter needs to be physically quite close to the elecric meter to get a signal, if yours is not close (eg outside) you may be stuck with manual readings in the future. 

posted by terrym | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions
Where are their instructions for their colour display smart meter. It's completely different!?

posted by lindylou47 | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions
Still not sure how to look at messages. I've opened up messages on my account on laptop but envelope symbol on smart meter still showing.
Is it possible to open message on smart meter?

posted by kazcus | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions
Loads of messages every day … How do you stop them??? Or even read any!!!???? Driven me nuts for ages ever since we got the blasted thing

posted by DavC1 | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Instructions

@kazcus   You should be able to change messages in the Settings menu.  If not just turn off the IHD they are not very useful gadgets.  The meters will still send in their readings without the IHD.