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posted by BobB | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

@dw4481the thing is, you will always be able to get your gas meter readings maybe just not the way you anticipated.  Press the B button on the meter panel (the middle one) and it will wake up the display and show the reading to you.  Of course this still means you have to read it, but it shows its working as it should.   This thread should be about smart meters not being smart because of a fault with something like the software or the HAN connection.  If you really believe your meter is over-reading or under-reading, then that is a legal issue completely outside of this discussion and you would need to have your meter checked - which is expensive and you would only get your money back if you were correct and your meter was incorrect.  Most meters read correctly, indeed far more smart meters turn dumb than there are truly faulty meters that are under/over-reading.  

As has been said, your IHD is not your meter, if it breaks and it is less than a year old, report it - you may not get a new one straight away, but you can point to the date of the failure if you report it, so that SP have to replace it whenever they get stock.  If you leave it and the year passes, you are no longer covered under the code of practice, so just get it reported then wait till they replace it (just remind them every now and then like I do, that it needs doing).  There is the moral obligation you would think with SP though for you to have a working IHD, after all this was a big part of how they sold the switch to us, the ability to see what you are using in real time - no IHD, then how do you do this...  I found all the leaflets they bombarded me with in late 2017 just before I got my meter in Jan 18 and the ability to take control is what they went on about, well with a (now) dumb Gas Meter, an IHD that failed inside 8 months and finally them switching off the Smart aspects of my account (even though my Electric meter still shows smart functions), I do wonder what I am paying my £245.40 odd annual standing charge for - its certainly not customer service or metering...

posted by uk1 | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

I am not happy with SP. there smart meter has never worked.  im changing ASAP.

posted by Jonnel | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

Top answer posted by dw4481 | 2 days ago

Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
The gas meter and ihd aren’t working
Ball's in your court, dw4481 - is it one, the other, or both? The solution to your problem depends on which one(s) it is.

posted by Dids38 | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
Our metre worked for the first 15 days then stopped working. Phoned up to complain and before I could finish explaining they told me that it was not the metre it was a weak signal and there was nothing they can do. Can't wait until March when I will move to another supplier - not impressed at all.

posted by Kath101 | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

My smart meter stopped working a couple of weeks after it was fitted. that was over a year ago. Now ive changed suppliers but a lot of suppliers would not take on my custom as I had a smart meter fitted. So theres no chance of being able to get this replaced with something that actually works. What a waste of time and ..energy...

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

Hello Kath, Your hand held display is like a lot of others waiting for SP to issue new firmware remotely. If you switched supplier that will not happen so you cannot use the display. Do not worry the meters still work without the display and they will be adjusted in 2019 to work with any supplier. 

posted by LouJ | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

I have the same problem,  It took me more than 30mins to get through on the phone for help then another 10 on hold whilst they spoke to another department.  They told me to turn it off and put the display next to the meter and tunr it on and wait 30mins.  Tried this several time but no luck.  Cant bring myself to spend another 30mins on hold to get no help again!!!

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
The service team have not had much experience. The correct answer was It is a general computer problem with the displays so turn yours off an try again in July.

posted by geoffA | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

Had my smartmeter put in months ago

Has never worked from day one

Scotish power could not care less, have no intrest in sorting the problem,

just tell me to contact the fitter they say they will sort in in 8 weeks.

you never here from them again




posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

@geoffA  If the display is not working, that is very common and the advice is to turn it off and ignore it.

If the meters are not sending readings to SP, that is more serious, you can check if SP are getting readings by ringing customer services.  If the meters are not sending readings you need another visit from the installer.

You can still take manual readings from the meters and send the readings in to SP.  The meters will still be recording consumption even if they do not transmit.