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posted by Jen59 | 5 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
  1. Mine has never worked. It will only give electric readings. After several calls to Scottish power it would seem that they are just fitting the smart meters to stay within targets. They told me it was a softwear problem that would take 90 days to resolve. They are not interested now they have fitted it. I am changing supplier and would advise others to do the same. Don't waste a day with the mess and inconvenience! I am more in the dark now about my energy consumption than before, because the new gas meter they fitted can't be read by a mere mortal. 

posted by Trisha | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
I'm really annoyed too. I don't pay by DD as a few years ago I had overpaid by £1300, so now I used to read my old meter when I got my pension, put in a meter reading and paid what i owed. Now I've had a smart meter fitted, and after two weeks it's gone on the blink and I have no idea what I'm using!! Wish I'd read all these reviews before I got it put in!!

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

@Trisha   It is your hand held display which has stopped. You can still take a reading from the meter as often as you like. Press its button to show the reading on the screen.

posted by jimmar | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter IHD not working

our smart meter was fitted tuesday 5th november 2019 and the IHD (in home display) has never worked since installation. doesn't look like SP care or can fix.

posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

@jimmar   Let’s hope your meters are transmitting.  It is amazing how many installations are done without commissioning the Display, testing the system, or telling the customer how to take manual readings. Just a rushed and incomplete job.   Did he tell you the closing reading of the old meter and the opening reading of the smart meter? 

posted by BobB | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

Deadline after deadline is passing here with no resolution in sight.  It has to be said its not only SP but all suppliers using SMET1 units.  I was told to phone back and request a SMET2, almost did that, until I found out that the fitters will fit whatever is on the van, so chances are will still get a SMET1.  As for software updates being pushed out, yeah right, of course they have (not).  The whole roll out is a shambles and given why they are doing it, it makes a mockery of the worries over the country's energy supply and the lack of capacity.  So still have a bricked 'dumb' gas meter, still have a working but unconnected IHD (so not really working) and a (still smart) electric meter that now feeds to another display I had to buy.

posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

@BobB   Sympathy, it’s a very common situation, but good your electric meter is working. Sending a manual gas reading now and again is not too much hassle. Most people let the gas just follow the timer and thermostat, it is more useful to know what the electricity is doing. But hey, it’s not a good rollout of the smart programme is it. 

posted by tartanlad | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
You have my sympathy. I have had my smart meter for over one year, and had 5 estimated bills fed up trying to get these people to come and fix the problem. Al I get is, give us a meter reading . I have told them the Gas meter has a mind of is own, and I am not employed by them to read meters. the small unit has been plugged in over a year and is till bland I have lost count how many times I have tried to reset this by the booklet supplied. Time now to get the Ombudsman involved.