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posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

@tartanlad   I dont think you are right, neary all customers are supplying readings, it is in your interest to do so, it only takes a couple of minutes.

posted by tartanlad | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

Davc. I think you must work for SP as you seem to open your mouth before you get your brain into gear. You should always get the full facts befor telling people what they should and should not do. I and 82 years olld and on SP priorty list as I am disabled my meters are in a cuboard which I canot get in so unable to read them . also they have sent a supervisor out to check why the meters do not send the information. The supervisor found that one of the meters is not a smart meter. that was over a year ago now for your in formation I do not have to give meter reading. They should have fixed the problem before now the Ombudsman is now dealing with the case.


posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
@tartanlad. Sorry for any offence, you did not say that you were disabled. It will be quicker for you to ask a neighbour to read your meters. You could wait a very long time go SP to send anybody. I suppose only the electric meter is smart and the gas is conventional. You might be able to get a reading of the electric on your Display unit. I’m nearly as old as you but thankfully still able to read my meters. Good luck.

posted by Bobby | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

ScottishPower uses the newer Aclara SGM1412-B electricity meter which is already SMETS2.

However, last year when the old SMETS1 electricity meters were upgraded to SMETS2 compatible (so you could move bill suppliers without changing meter) it bricked the remote electricity meter reading and electricity usage to IHD functions on the newer meters.

This is probably not wholly SP's fault, as the data network is run by a separate company (Capita/Smart DCC) they 'talk' over a mobile phone network to the cellular modem attached to the top of your electricity meter. The upgrade came over the data network.

The cellular modem (the communications hub attached to the top of your electricity meter) then uses wireless ZigBee HAN to 'talk' to your gas meter, your in house display (IHD) and possibly your electricity meter (but it also has wired data connection).

I suspect each bricked electricity meter will need a physical visit by an engineer to restore the communications with its cellular modem/communications hub. This is expensive, hence the ostrich behaviour.

Sorry for duplicate post to another topic

posted by wendygostling | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
This sounds similar to what is happening to my smart meter,consequently I am unable to send meter readings.What do I do now?

posted by wendygostling | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
Thank you.

posted by grumpyxch | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

My electric meter (fitted October 2019) is a Honeywell AS302P claims on the front to be SMETS2. There is a Toshiba bit at the top.

I have had an email from SP a few days ago saying they are going to remotely try to fix the remote read problem. If the fix doesn't work, they will need to send an engineer. In the meantime, can I still send my readings when requested. Fingers crossed.

As for my IHD only showing the gas usage, perhaps if SP fix the remote read problem, the IHD will start reading the electric meter too (or am I living in Fantasy Land).

posted by Dai-morris | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

Hi. My smart meter , the little meter that displays how much energy is being consumed simply show that it is waiting for data.  It used to show the money value for the energy being consumed. Because of this I can only assume that there is a problem.  I moved it closer to the main meters but this has not made any difference.   Can you please sort out problem.

Kind regards

David Morris

posted by christineg | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working

I have been with sp for years ,moved house wanted to replace payg meters to dual fuel was told i needed to take smart meter had to wait for 3 months to get installed , when engineer arrived advised could not do both as gas meter outside, so he told me he could fit and i would need to place meter readings on my account every month, they didnt set up my d/debit now the smart meter has gone faulty no data displaying rang customer services was told to switch it off for 2 days as no engineers can come out and repair! customer service rubbish when i can i will be moving supplier so that when i need someone i dont have to deal with i dont give a **bleep** attitude from sp employee

posted by stormjohn | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter Unit not working
Good while it lasted but ihd has gone down again did what I did last time put it on the electric meter didn’t work i had email saying my outside meters have gone down from ScottishPower as well first the electric disappeared and then the gas says yet again waiting for data not happy again