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Smart Meter Usage not being shown in balance or consumption

posted by Shiner | A year ago

Since moving over to using a Smart Meter, I've been seeing some weird usage readings when viewing "Smart Consumption"
It doesn't give me the greatest confidence that the correct meter readings are being used.
For some reason, even though I had the meter fitted in May 2018, the Meter readings although being received correctly, were not being applied against my account.  I didn't spot this until I switched my Smart Meter over to hourly submissions.

What is happening with the Smart readings?  There appears to be numerous posts about similar issues that are over 18months old?

I have no way of accessing how much energy I am using via the Web Interface or Mobile App?






Clicking on "Energy Consumption" only shows me the energy last reported at bill creation time.
It appears that billing cancelled all the bills since May 2018, and then recalculated the new bill based on the latest Smart Meter reading.  (Which has left my account £197.04 in credit - that's fine, Winters Coming !!).
But the balance still does not seem to reflect any smart meter usage.


Is there any way of knowing what type of Smart Meter I have fitted?
Whilst most people will know they can switch Energy Suppliers as often as they like, not a lot of people know that not all Smart Meters are created equally.   Some Smart Meters cannot be read by suppliers who didn't fit the meter.
Are you telling me that a Government sponsored/aided initiative to roll out Smart Meters has allowed the roll out of multiple types of meters that do not conform to an industry standard.   Surely not... 




posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Usage not being shown in balance or consumption

Yes you are right, smart meters are all generation 1 so far and do not work if you switch suppliers. Generation  2 will send data to a national government database, and all generation1 meters will be reprogrammed to use the national database as well. All this will probably not happen until 2020.

Weird graphs you supplied surely you are not paying thousands a month? Typical electricity bills are in the range of 500 to 2000 a year.

posted by Shiner | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Usage not being shown in balance or consumption

The data supplied by the graphs is only 'correct' with respect to the shape I'm assuming.  The figures it displays are nothing like the values that are presented in the bills.   
When I visit my Account Summary page, I see:

Although when I visit the submit your meter readings page, summary_1.png

So it appears to be asking for me to submit a meter reading, even though my Smart Meter is apparently sending data at half hourly/hourly intervals.
When I visit the submit your meter reading page, I then see:

The above would suggest that my meter readings are being received, (although the current meter reading is 1995.5 so it's not able to do half hourly/hourly meter readings.    I doubt the success message is true.

Taking a look at yesterday's consumption, I'm guessing they are not going to be using my Smart Reader submitted values to calculate my bill.    It does suggest a bit of maths needs polishing up somewhere !!


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Usage not being shown in balance or consumption

I think there have been a lot of problems with the App. It does look as if your readings are getting sent in and leading to sensible bills so I would just ignore the App. If you want to generate a new bill send in a manual reading. 

posted by DSM | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Usage not being shown in balance or consumption

I too am getting erroneous readings when I look at half-hourly and daily usage figures on-line.  I have apparently used £29,000 worth of electricity in 5 days during November.  The information has only gone wrong since I switched over to half-hourly readings.  The "smart" meter only shows 8000 units used since installation.

I have tried both phone and email support, but have got nowhere.  I am not sure that customer support can even view customer usage at this level.    I was told that the information would probably settle down within 2 to 3 months!  Told several times to ignore on-line information.

This has got to be a very common issue for many SP customers.

posted by JohnnyBoy | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Usage not being shown in balance or consumption

We had a smart meter fitted 9 days ago and according to my on line account have now used just short of £3000 of gas & electric in 9 days!!!!!!!!!

My advice to all friends relatives is Do Not have a samrt meter fitted till this is sorted out and readings are correct from day one