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posted by r90hny | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings


Had smart meters fitted in September only the electric one is working. The gas reading is 0000 I have asked Scottish Power does that mean I am getting free gas from the last Quarterly bill ? They have not answerd this.

The Idea of smart meters is to see what you are useing  without  giving meter readings. When my current contract with Scottish Power finish I will be unable to  give a comparison site how much energy I use in a year.

They have told me they will resolve this in 28 days which after 3 months I think is far too long.



posted by DuckyD | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

IWhat is the purpose of a SMART meter?

Scottish Power reports that it has not received a reading fo 62 days. Within that time there has been an estimated bill.

I pay monthly and thought the big advantage of a SMART meter was the ability to manage my account effectively. Consumption has been high due to adverse weather and it would be good to have accurate details about balance.

Unfortunately this system is not living up to my expectations.

posted by tinkerb | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

Unfortunately I am unable to offer any assistance DuckD as I am in the same position 3 months after fitting I can find no use for the smart meter other than to use electric,have spent the last hour trying to make sense of the website,

seems to me to be a complete waste of time and money 


posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

I suggest you send in a manual reading by phone before your account gets too out of date with information.

You can take a manual reading either from the IHD (In Home Display) or from the meter itself.

posted by Terbal2014 | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings
Had my smart meters fitted on the 11th December the guy couldn't get the meter to send information got replacement fitted guess what same problem said it was that make of meter would inform them to fit another make still waiting heading towards April should have kept old style meters

posted by marting | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

Still can't see my smart meter consumption online :-)


They have changed their error message from

"We're having trouble retrieving the consumpion from your smart meter. We're working hard to get this fixed. Please try again later"


"There is currently a problem with our Smart consumption graphs. Please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience."


So i guess that's the sum of 8 months of progress on the issue :-)

posted by TollHouse | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

The saga continues.. a third meter was fitted in May. The engineer stated that the gas meter was too far from the electricity meter and would not be able to download the gas readings.   A new, more up to date, meter would need to be fitted and that would be arranged.  My next meter reading, when due, was read by myself and sent to Sp for my account to be updated. No problem. On Monday 10th Sept I received a surprise visit from a meter reader. On checking the meter he informed me that the gas meter was not displaying any figures and he would report the issue. He also suggested that I do the same. Over the past 4 days I have been in constant contact with Sp. . They have failed to call me back twice despite promises to do so. In exasperation I called again at 9.30pm this evening. Finally an arrangement was made for an engineer to call.  Totally incompetent is the nicest thing I can say about their customer service. I continue to  advise people to be extremely cautious about installing a smart meter.

posted by TollHouse | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

Guess what, spent all morning to wait for an engineer.  No one arrived.

Called SP, all we can do is make a new appointment. Raised a complaint. Customer sevice will call back on Wednesday!!!!

After relentless pressure, will call me this evening.

posted by SJNS | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings
Just checked my account via the app and it tells me my so called Smart Meters have not sent a reading for 70 days! My usage is based on their estimates.

posted by davy59 | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

Smart Meter's not so Smart! Had a meter installed at the end of June great I thought not so it is now the end of September and still Scottish Power have yet to link it to my account. Have contacted them 3 times and everytime I have been told to wait a little longer as it takes some time for the them to start recieving the power comsumption data. 

How long does it take? It is now 3 months ! For the last 5 - 6 years I have been with Scottish Power and every month I took a meter reading so my account was correct, now I am unable to take a reading and I have now receved an estimated bill! Something I have been avoiding. I will be taking my business elsewhere, stuff the smart meter going blind its rubbish! No help at all, I will be contacting Scottish Power to remove it tomorrow. Stay away from Smart meters they are rubbish and more hassle than you can believe much better to do it yourself.