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posted by Mummabumblebee | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage
Mine too. It seems to be about 10x the usual amount. Weird.
Scottish Power please recalibrate your figures.

posted by GrahamB | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage

I've just logged a suspected problem with my smart meter.

The electricity meter reported usage in August three times my normal summer monthly usage. It's also double my normal winter usage. It's made worse by the fact that we have solar panels!

The spike was for the month of August only. We were away for a week and no, we didn't leave anything on.


posted by Beekeeper | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage

It's hidden away, but the info is on this Which site


"If your measure is in cubic feet, multiply by 2.83 to convert to meters."

Which is *completely* non-intuitive, as there are approximately 36 cubic feet in a cubic meter. But it seems to be just the way the meters are set up. But it's utterly baffling for someone who has been keeping a record of their gas usage!

So if anyone is worried why their new smart gas meter is suddenly logging 3 times the usage of their old meter. Don't worry!



posted by lisa1987 | 7 months ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage
Same here with my Final Gas bill, over 1000. When I use nowhere near that much.

posted by SuperFinch | 6 months ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage
Old topic, but just to add...SP are an absolute joke.
Have had so many massive disputes with them, don’t think I’ve ever had an accurate bill.
At one point my alleged gas usage quintupled overnight, then stayed that way until they wanted me to clear a £3000 bill!
When I eventually found a person that didn’t try to fob me off with facile foolishness, they calculated my real average usage over the whole year, and found that my balance was just about 0, (as in my DDs were exactly right all along) and I demanded £60 in compensation just for the hours spent on the phone.

Now...it’s my electricity that’s gone crazy. The smart meter is showing use of 50+ KWh per day.
It’s a big household, but full of new energy efficient appliances...and of course just a few months ago I’ve had a representative work out my actual use and payment of £107 pm as about right.
According to this crazy-ass meter, I’m using that a week in electric alone.

To think this thread is 3 years old, just shows how little they care. They know about it, they don’t care, and they’ll happily collect from anyone that either doesn’t notice or just takes their word for it.
Fraud fraud fraud. I’m sure with a little organisation all the good folks on here could sue them into bankruptcy between them.

posted by Djinx | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage
I've experienced exactly the same for this time of year my new smart metre is showing double the payment amount I should be paying

posted by Djinx | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage
I'm having the same issue my smart metre is showing double my usage for the time of year and there's only me here it's ridiculous

posted by carabenn | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage
Hi We have had exactly the same problem. We started with Scottish Gas in February. My husband wanted a meter reader for the house so we could keep tabs on usage, but this was refused. Our smart meter reading for February to May was 18 times higher than the reading for May to August. I wrote to Scottish Gas saying we would continue to pay the usual amount, but this needed sorting out. They put up the payments to three times what they had quoted as being our usage, ignoring what I had said. My 83-year-old husband was so upset by the way he was treated by Scottish Gas (cut off twice when he rang to ask questions, never rung back, other matters also) I have taken over the whole matter. I have changed suppliers today, after learning they were trying to take the money out of my husband's account.He has cancelled the direct debit, and am approaching Citizens Advice, then the Ombudsman. I had a problem with an earlier meter from Scottish Gas elsewhere but they looked at the usage and immediately altered the bill. I await an argument, but our usage from our earlier supplier (to whom I have returned) shows that the smart meter was very definitely wrong. I wonder how many other people have suffered in this way.

posted by DavC1 | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage

@carabenn  Hello, hope you have success with your new supplier, if you are talking about your smart meter being the hand held display unit, you can safely ignore what it says they are totally unreliable and often go wrong. The hand held unit costs are definitely not your bill.  The real smart meter is the thing attached to the wall often to be found under the stairs or outside the house. it shows meter readings which have to be sent to the supplier.

Your new supplier will need monthly meter readings until they can access your meters remotely. I think Scottish Power had the same problem and were sending you estimated bills.  Meter readings are very important to keep your bills up to date and accurate.  These days meter reader men are not employed and customers are expected to send readings themselves until your supplier can establish remote contact  with the smart meters, but this can take many months,  Good Luck.



posted by Heli | A month ago
Re: Smart Meter showing incredibly high usage
I've just moved and now have a smart meter already fitted. My electric has more than doubled in 2 months and looking at a rediculous bill of £266. Used to pay £78 per month now it will be £115 per month. Scottish power says readings correct, no different usage since moving apart from electric hob instead of gas. Haven't even been using drier more than once or twice. Getting nowhere with Scottish power, frustrated, don't know what to do.